Sutherland in 1975
Sutherland in 1962
Catherine de Medici with her children in 1561: Francis, Charles IX, Margaret and Henry.
Joan Sutherland in 1990
Princess Margaret of Valois. Portrait by François Clouet, 16th century. Margaret was considered in her time beautiful, cultured, refined and flirtatious: for this she was called the "pearl of the Valois".
Henry of Navarre and Margaret of Valois
St. Bartholomew's Day massacre. Catherine de' Medici emerging from the Louvre castle to inspect a heap of bodies in a painting by François Dubois, a Huguenot painter.
Margaret, Queen of Navarre. Portrait by François Clouet, c. 1572. Don John of Austria came to the French court only to see her. Later he proclaimed "The beauty of that princess is more divine than human, but she is made to damn and ruin men rather than to save them."
Francis, Duke of Alençon. Portrait by Jean Decourt (1576).
Queen Margaret of Navarre, by Nicholas Hilliard (1577)
Château de Nérac
Henri of Navarre and La Belle Fosseuse.
Henry III, the Queen-Mother and queen Louise of Lorraine (detail), Franco-Flemish school, c. 1582.
Ball at the Court of Henry III (detail), Franco-Flemish school, c. 1582.
Portrait of Queen Margaret of Valois. 16th century.
Historical wax statue of Queen Margaret of Valois produced by artist/historian George S. Stuart.
Queen Margaret in 1605.
L'Hostel de la Reine Marguerite built by Jean Bullant in 1609, and its gardens, as shown in Matthäus Merian 1615 plan of Paris.
Queen Margaret in 1610. Coronation of Marie de' Medici in St. Denis (detail), by Peter Paul Rubens, 1622–1625.

Her last full-length dramatic performance was as Marguerite de Valois (Les Huguenots) at the Sydney Opera House in 1990, at the age of 63, where she sang Home Sweet Home for her encore.

- Joan Sutherland

This was one of the signature roles of the Australian soprano Joan Sutherland, and she performed it for her farewell performance for the Australian Opera in 1990.

- Margaret of Valois
Sutherland in 1975

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