John Adams High School (Ohio)

John Adams High SchoolJohn AdamsCleveland (OH) AdamsCleveland John AdamsJohn Adam High SchoolJohn Adams HighJohn Adams High School (Cleveland, Ohio)John Adams High School CampusJohn Adams HS (OH)
John Adams High School is a public high school located on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, United States.wikipedia
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Albert Ayler

Ayler attended John Adams High School on Cleveland's East Side, and graduated in 1954 at the age of 18.

Frederick Fennell

FennellFennell, Dr. Frederick
In the John Adams High School orchestra, Fennell performed as the kettledrummer and served as the band's drum major.

RaShaun Allen

He played college football at Southern University and attended John Adams High School in Cleveland, Ohio.

Don King (boxing promoter)

Don KingDon King BoxingDon King Productions
King was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where he attended school and graduated from John Adams High in 1951.

Tom Jackson (American football, born 1951)

Tom JacksonJackson
Jackson attended John Adams High School (Cleveland, Ohio), where he played football as a star defensive back, baseball, and also was a wrestler.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Cleveland Public SchoolsCleveland Board of EducationCleveland Municipal School District
It is part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Al Lerner (composer)

Al Lerner
He attended John Adams High School and Glenville High School.

Frank Pokorny

He graduated from John Adams High School in Cleveland and then attended John Carroll University, graduating with a bachelor's degree in accounting and becoming an actuary.

Chuck Smith (baseball)

Chuck SmithSmith
He attended John Adams High School in Cleveland, Ohio and later Indiana State University.

Phillip Shriver

Phillip R. Shriver
After graduation in 1940 from John Adams High School, where he was president and valedictorian of his class, he received a four-year Cleveland Alumni Scholarship to Yale University.

Robert Ward (composer)

Robert WardWard
His earliest extant compositions date to 1934, at a time he was attending John Adams High School, from which he graduated in 1935.

Mark E. Talisman

Talisman served as president of the International Junior Red Cross when he was 14 and was a graduate of Cleveland's John Adams High School.

National Junior Classical League

Ohio Junior Classical LeagueJunior Classical LeagueCertamen
The school's Latin Club functions as a local chapter of both the Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL) and National Junior Classical League (NJCL).