Portrait by Henry Inman, 1832
Marshall's birthplace monument in Germantown, Virginia
Coat of arms of Marshall
The Hollow House
John Marshall's House in Richmond, Virginia
Marshall's Chief Justice nomination
Steel engraving of John Marshall by Alonzo Chappel
The text of the McCulloch v. Maryland decision, handed down March 6, 1819, as recorded in the minutes of the US Supreme Court
Marshall's grave
John Marshall and George Wythe
Oak Hill
Chief Justice John Marshall by William Wetmore Story, at John Marshall Park in Washington, D.C.
Marshall was the subject of a 2005 commemorative silver dollar.
Marshall on the 1890 $20 Treasury Note, one of 53 people depicted on United States banknotes
John Marshall on a Postal Issue of 1894

Marshall County was named in honor of Chief Justice John Marshall of the United States Supreme Court, who had died in 1835.

- Marshall County, Kentucky

Marshall County, Kentucky, Marshall County, Illinois, Marshall County, Indiana, Marshall County, Iowa, and Marshall County, West Virginia, are also named in his honor.

- John Marshall
Portrait by Henry Inman, 1832

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