John Wheelock

The eldest son of Eleazar Wheelock who was the founder and first president of Dartmouth College; John Wheelock succeeded his father as the College’s second president.

- John Wheelock

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Eleazar Wheelock

American Congregational minister, orator, and educator in Lebanon, Connecticut, for 35 years before founding Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

Portrait by Joseph Steward

In 1771, four students were graduated in Dartmouth's first commencement, including Wheelock's son John.

Dartmouth University

Defunct institution in New Hampshire which existed from 1817 to 1819.

The College Trustees had dismissed President John Wheelock, and his allies in Concord sought to reinstate him through legislation.

Zerah Colburn (mental calculator)

American child prodigy of the 19th century who gained fame as a mental calculator.

Passing through Hanover, New Hampshire, John Wheelock, then-president of Dartmouth College, offered to take upon himself the whole care and expense of his education, but his father rejected the offer.

Eleazer Wheelock Ripley

American soldier and politician.

Clockwise from top:
Damage to the United States Capitol after the burning of Washington

Mortally wounded Isaac Brock spurs on the York Volunteers at the battle of Queenston Heights

USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere

The death of Tecumseh in 1813

Andrew Jackson defeats the British assault on New Orleans in 1815

He was the grandson of Eleazar Wheelock, the founder of Dartmouth College, and the nephew of John Wheelock, the college's president.

Prince Saunders

African American teacher, scholar, diplomat, and author who different sources say was born in either Lebanon, Connecticut, or Thetford, Vermont.

Prince Saunders' portrait as it appears in the Haytian Papers

While attending the school, Saunders gained the respect of Dartmouth President John Wheelock.

Obadiah Wheelock

Political figure in Nova Scotia.

Obadiah's third cousin (Eleazar's son), John Wheelock, was Dartmouth's founding president.

Wheelock (name)

English surname and given name.

The West Germanic languages

John Wheelock (1754–1817), American college president

Ernest Fox Nichols

American educator and physicist.

He was the first Dartmouth president since John Wheelock who was not a member of the clergy, yet his deep appreciation of the importance of broad-based scholarship to the moral and spiritual growth of students was internationally recognized.