Salsa dancers performing a shine

Juan Pablo Pacheco Knipping (25 March 1935 – 15 February 2021), known as Johnny Pacheco, was a Dominican musician, arranger, composer, bandleader, and record producer who in the 1970s became one of the leading exponents of salsa as well in the late 1950s called the pachanga, a blend of Cuban rhythms and Dominican merengue, which propelled him to worldwide fame and had an important role in the evolution of Latin music.

- Johnny Pacheco

Monguito el Único was a member of Johnny Pacheco's conjunto in the mid-1960s, alternating lead vocals with the Puerto Rican singer Chivirico Dávila.

- Monguito

In 1965, Pacheco recorded three albums, two of which featured Monguito el Único as lead vocalist: Pacheco at the N.Y. World's Fair and Pacheco te invita a bailar.

- Johnny Pacheco

At the Triton Club on the other hand, Johnny Pacheco improvised a dance move known as the “Bronx Hop” which later became a major part of the Pachanga dance fad.

- Pachanga

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