Kemp Plummer

American lawyer and politician.

- Kemp Plummer

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Kemp P. Battle

American lawyer, railroad president, university president, educator, and historian.

Battle pictured in Yackety Yak 1919, UNC yearbook

His grandfather was "the honest lawyer" Kemp Plummer.

Nathaniel Macon

American politician who represented North Carolina in both houses of Congress.

Macon attended Princeton with his neighbor Benjamin Hawkins (pictured).
Macon's gravesite near Vaughan, North Carolina. It remains covered in stones, per his request.
Nathaniel Macon's home, in Warrenton, North Carolina (built c. 1781 ). Image from North Carolina Museum of History.
Thomas Jefferson (pictured) called Macon "the last of the Romans".
Virginia Congressman John Randolph (pictured) was leader of the Quid faction.

Her brother was the lawyer Kemp Plummer, the grandfather of Kemp Plummer Battle.

James Ransom (Regulator)

Part of the Regulator movement and a delegate to the 2nd North Carolina Provincial Congress from Bute County, North Carolina (now Warren County) in 1775, as well as a member of the Bute County Committee of Safety alongside Jethro Sumner.

Governor Tryon and the Regulators; engraving by A. Bollet Co.

William's brother Kemp Plummer, the grandfather of Kemp Plummer Battle, was the second owner of Johnson's house.

James Ransom Plummer

The mayor of Columbia, Tennessee, in 1832, 1833, 1834, 1836, and 1838.

Painting by Washington Bogart Cooper

William and Hannah's brother was the lawyer Kemp Plummer, the grandfather of future University of North Carolina president Kemp Plummer Battle.