KenyanRepublic of KenyaKEN Kenya British East AfricaKE Kenya, East AfricaAfricaBenin, Togo, South AfricaBritish East Africa Protectorate
Kenya, officially the Republic of Kenya (Jamhuri ya Kenya), is a country in Africa with 47 semiautonomous counties governed by elected governors.wikipedia
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Nilo-Saharan languages

Nilo-SaharanNilo-Saharan languageNilo-Saharan language family
Nilotic-speaking pastoralists (ancestral to Kenya's Nilotic speakers) started migrating from present-day Southern Sudan into Kenya around 500 BC.

Dedan Kimathi

Dedan Kimathi WaciuriField Marshal Dedan Kimathi
The capture of Dedan Kimathi on 21 October 1956 in Nyeri signified the ultimate defeat of the Mau Mau and essentially ended the military offensive.
Widely regarded as a revolutionary leader, he led the armed military struggle against the British colonial regime in Kenya in the 1950s until his execution in 1957.

Daniel arap Moi

Daniel Toroitich arap MoiDaniel MoiMoi
At Kenyatta's death in 1978, Daniel arap Moi became President.
Daniel Toroitich arap Moi (born 2 September 1924–2019.12.2) is a Kenyan politician who served as the second President of Kenya from 1978 to 2002.

Homo habilis

H. habilis(H. Habilis)early human ancestors
Recent findings near Lake Turkana indicate that hominids such as Homo habilis (1.8 and 2.5 million years ago) and Homo erectus (1.9 million to 350,000 years ago) are possible direct ancestors of modern Homo sapiens, and lived in Kenya in the Pleistocene epoch.
habilis'' remains are often accompanied by primitive stone tools (e.g. Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania and Lake Turkana, Kenya).

European exploration of Africa

exploration of Africaexplorer of AfricaPortuguese explorers
European colonisation of Kenya began in the 19th century during the European exploration of the interior.
Then he sailed northward, making land at Quelimane (Mozambique) and Mombasa, where he found Chinese traders, and Malindi (both in modern Kenya).


Wajir and Malindi were bombed as well.
Wajir (Wajeer) is the capital of the Wajir County of Kenya.

Raila Odinga

Raila Amolo OdingaRaila Amollo OdingaOdinga
His win was strongly criticised by his major opponents, Kibaki and Odinga as being fraudulent.
Raila Amolo Odinga is a Kenyan politician who served as the Prime Minister of Kenya from 2008 to 2013 and Leader of the Opposition since 2013.

Uhuru Kenyatta

KenyattaUhuru Muigai KenyattaPresident Uhuru Kenyatta
Beginning in 1998, Moi attempted to influence the country's succession politics to have Uhuru Kenyatta elected in the upcoming 2002 elections. The supreme court upheld the election results and President Kenyatta began his term with William Ruto as the deputy president.
Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta (born 26 October 1961) is a Kenyan politician, businessman, and the fourth and current President of the Republic of Kenya.


Federal Republic of NigeriaNigerianNGA
The Bantus originated in West Africa along the Benue River in what is now eastern Nigeria and western Cameroon.
Its status as a major petroleum producer figures prominently in its sometimes volatile international relations with both developed countries, notably the United States, and the developing countries of China, Jamaica, and Ghana and Kenya in Africa.

George Saitoti

Gorge SaitotiHon. Prof. George SaitotiProf. George Saitoti
Moi retained the presidency and George Saitoti became the vice president.
George Musengi Saitoti, E.G.H. (3 August 1945 – 10 June 2012) was a Kenyan politician, businessman and American- and British-trained economist, mathematician and development policy thinker.

Glynn Isaac

GlynnGlynn Llywelyn IsaacIsaac, G.I.
Later work at the former site was undertaken by Glynn Isaac.
He was also Warden for Prehistoric Sites in Kenya between 1961 and 1962 and Deputy Director of the Centre for Prehistory and Palaeontology at the National Museums of Kenya from 1963 to 1965.

Mwai Kibaki

KibakiPresident KibakiEmilio Mwai Kibaki
His win was strongly criticised by his major opponents, Kibaki and Odinga as being fraudulent.
Mwai Kibaki, C.G.H. (born 15 November 1931–2019.12.1) is a Kenyan politician who was the third President of Kenya, serving from December 2002 until April 2013.


ZanzibariZanzibar, TanzaniaCommittee of Six
By the 1st century CE, many of the city-states such as Mombasa, Malindi, and Zanzibar began to establish trade relations with Arabs.
In October 1886, a British-German border commission established the Zanj as a 10 nmi strip along most of the African Great Lakes region's coast, an area stretching from Cape Delgado (now in Mozambique) to Kipini (now in Kenya), including Mombasa and Dar es Salaam.

2007–2008 Kenyan crisis

2007–08 Kenyan crisispost-election violence2007-2008 Kenyan crisis
Kibaki was re-elected in a highly contested political scene which was marked by political and ethnic violence.
The 2007–08 Kenyan crisis was a political, economic, and humanitarian crisis that erupted in Kenya after former President Mwai Kibaki was declared the winner of the presidential election held on December 27, 2007.

Shifta War

insurgentsshifta menace
Concurrently, the Kenyan army fought the Shifta War against ethnic Somali rebels inhabiting the Northern Frontier District, who wanted to join their kin in the Somali Republic to the north.
The Shifta War (1963–1967) was a secessionist conflict in which ethnic Somalis in the Northern Frontier District (NFD) of Kenya (a region that is and has historically been almost exclusively inhabited by ethnic Somalis ) attempted to secede from Kenya join with their fellow Somalis in a Greater Somalia.

Koitalel Arap Samoei

The building of the railway was resisted by some ethnic groups—notably the Nandi led by Orkoiyot Koitalel Arap Samoei for ten years from 1890 to 1900—however the British eventually built the railway.
Koitalel Arap Samoei (1860 – October 19, 1905) was an Orkoiyot, the supreme chef of the Nandi people of Kenya.

2010 Kenyan constitutional referendum

2010 referendumKenyan constitutional referendumKenyan constitutional referendum, 2010
In August 2010, Kenyans held a referendum and passed a new constitution, which limited presidential powers and devolved the central government.
A constitutional referendum was held in Kenya on 4 August 2010.

2013 Kenyan general election

20132013 general elections2013 elections
In 2013, Kenya had its first general elections after the new constitution had been passed.
General elections were held in Kenya on 4 March 2013.

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga

Oginga OdingaOdingaJaramogi Odinga
In 1994, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga died and several coalitions joined his FORD Kenya party to form a new party called United National Democratic Alliance.
Jaramogi Ajuma Oginga Odinga (October 1911 – 20 January 1994) was a Luo chieftain who became a prominent figure in Kenya's struggle for independence.

President of Kenya

PresidentKenyan President President
Following the passage of the new constitution, Kenya became a presidential representative democratic republic, whereby the President of Kenya is both head of state and head of government, and of a multi-party system.
The President of the Republic of Kenya (Rais wa Jamhuri ya Kenya) is the head of state and head of government of Kenya.

2017 Kenyan general election

20172017 general elections2017 general election
In 2017, Uhuru Kenyatta won a second term in office in another disputed election.
General elections were held in Kenya on 8 August 2017 to elect the President, members of Parliament and devolved governments.

Prime Minister of Kenya

Prime MinisterHeads of Government of KenyaKenyan Prime Minister
This made Raila the second prime minister of Kenya.
The Prime Minister of Kenya was a post in the Kenyan government.

Tsavo Man-Eaters

Tsavo maneatersman-eating lionsa pair of lions
While building the railway through Tsavo, a number of the Indian railway workers and local African labourers were attacked by two lions known as the Tsavo maneaters.
As part of the construction of a railway linking Uganda with the Indian Ocean at Kilindini Harbour, in March 1898 the British started building a railway bridge over the Tsavo River in Kenya.

William Ruto

William Samoei RutoDr. William RutoRuto
The supreme court upheld the election results and President Kenyatta began his term with William Ruto as the deputy president.
William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto (born 21 December 1966) is a Kenyan politician and the Deputy President of Kenya since 2013.

King's African Rifles

Kings African RiflesThe King's African Rifles18th Battalion of the King's African Rifles
The governor requested and obtained British and African troops, including the King's African Rifles.