Kokopelli and Kokopelli Mana as depicted by the Hopi
Kokopelli pictograph "Cañon Pintado", ca. 850–1100 AD, Rio Blanco County, Colorado
Petroglyph of Kokopelli in the "Rio Grande Style" of the ancestral Pueblo culture after the year 1300 AD; taken at Mortendad Cave near Los Alamos, NM
A modern, commercialized Kokopelli figure

Fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player , who is venerated by some Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States.

- Kokopelli

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List of fertility deities

God or goddess associated with fertility, sex, pregnancy, childbirth, and crops.

Min, ancient Egyptian god of fertility and lettuce
Priapus, Greek god of fertility, gardens and male genitalia
Rainbow Serpent, Australian creator god and god of rain and fertility

Kokopelli, Hopi trickster god associated with fertility, childbirth and agriculture


Character in a story who exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and defy conventional behavior.

The trickster figure Reynard the Fox as depicted in an 1869 children's book by Michel Rodange
Loki cuts the hair of the goddess Sif.
Coyote often has the role of trickster as well as a clown in traditional stories.
Trickster subplot in The Relapse: Tom Fashion, pretending to be Lord Foppington, parleys with Sir Tunbelly Clumsey in a 19th-century illustration by William Powell Frith.

Hopi and Zuni mythology: Kokopelli


Spirit being in the religious beliefs of the Pueblo peoples, Native American cultures located in the south-western part of the United States.

Palahiko Mana, Water-Drinking Maiden, Hopi 1899. She wears a headdress with stepped Earth signs and corn ears. Water Drinking Woman seems to be a name for the corn itself, one of many forms of the Corn Maidens.
Drawings of kachina dolls, Plate 11 from an 1894 anthropology book Dolls of the Tusayan Indians by Jesse Walter Fewkes.
Kachina dolls in the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.
Hopi Pueblo (Native American). Kachina Doll (Pahlikmana), late 19th century. Brooklyn Museum
Map of Native American tribes in Arizona — located in the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona regions
Kachina dancers, Shongopovi pueblo, Arizona, sometime before 1900
Koshari clown, Honolulu Museum of Art


Kokopelli's Trail

142 mi multi-use trail (but primarily used by mountain bikes) in Grand County, Utah and Mesa County, Colorado in the western United States.

Stylized Kokopelli, a Native American deity

The trail was named in honor of its mythic muse, Kokopelli.


Prehistoric magical symbol found in the cave of "Los Letreros" in Sierra de María-Los Vélez Natural Park in Vélez Blanco, Almería, Andalusia, Spain.

Indalo Man
Sculpture of the man of Indalo in Almería

It has been customary to paint the Indalo symbol on the front of houses and businesses to protect them from evil (similar to Kokopelli of the south-western US) and is considered to be a god totem.

Alex Band

American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and actor.

Band performing in Nürnberg in 2020
Band in 2007

At the age of 14, he had a kokopelli tattooed on his wrist.


Kosheen are a British electronic music group based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Kosheen in 2004

Their second album, Kokopelli—released in August 2003 on Moksha Recordings/Sony and named after a mythical Native American spirit—focused less on drum and bass beats and more on guitar riffs and darker-toned lyrics.


Hamlet in Alberta, Canada within Municipal District of Bighorn No. 8.

Exshaw townsite with plant from the east, looking west.

Grotto Creek, 3 km west, has pictographs, including a possible "fluteplayer" Kokopelli image that may be from the Flute Clan of the Hopi tradition.


Japanese science fiction manga by Mohiro Kitoh that was serialized in the monthly manga magazine Monthly Ikki from 2003 to 2009; 11 tankōbon have been published by Shogakukan.

Cover of the first manga volume

Deep within, they discover working computers and some electronic equipment, and later the owner, a man who introduces himself as "Kokopelli".

Kokopelli (album)

Second album by British band Kosheen released in the UK through Moksha Recordings on 11 August 2003.

Band member Darren Beale states they named the album after a Native American deity named Kokopelli.