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Polish coat of arms.

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Jakub Zadzik

Polish Great Crown Secretary from 1613 to 1627, bishop of Chełmno from 1624, Crown Deputy Chancellor from 1627, Great Crown Chancellor from 1628 to 1635, bishop of Kraków from 1635, diplomat, szlachcic, magnate in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

His coat of arms was Korab.

Jacques Hnizdovsky

Jacques Hnizdovsky (Яків Гніздовський,

Jacques Hnizdovsky carving the woodblock "Two Rams" in his studio in New York, 1969
Young Hnizdovsky in the 1930s
Hnizdovsky with his painting "Displaced Persons", 1948, now in the Ukrainian Museum, New York
Hnizdovsky painting at the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire in the early 60s
Hnizdovsky (right) with Lubomyr Hutsaliuk (left) and Edward Kozak in Soyuzivka
Hnizdovsky carving an ex libris (bookplate)

Jacques Hnizdovsky was born on January 27, 1915 in Ukraine in what is now Chortkiv Raion of Ternopil Oblast to a noble family bearing the Korab coat of arms.

Ludomił Rayski

Polish engineer, pilot, military officer and aviator.

Rayski in 1930s
Korab coat of arms

Ludomił Rayski was born 29 December 1892 in Czasław near Wieliczka, to Artur Teodor Rayski of Korab Coat of Arms, an impoverished Polish noble who spent most of his life as an officer in the Ottoman Army.


Town in southeastern Poland, in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship , about 54 km southeast of Kielce, and 120 km northeast of Kraków.

Staszów coat of arms
Cenotaph in memory of Staszów's Jewish saints, killed in The Holocaust, in Holon city's cemetery in Israel
Panorama of Staszów

Staszów's coat of arms is the Korab, ancient symbol of several noble families of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Karpiński family

Karpin coaching Rostov in 2022

Karpiński (meaning "of Karpin") is one of the Polish families of the heraldic clan that used the Korab coat of arms.


Village in the administrative district of Gmina Sieroszewice, within Ostrów Wielkopolski County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, in west-central Poland.

Rittergut Rossoszyca (present-day Skórzewski Palace) from the Sammlung Alexander Duncker.

Previously, the family Roso(w)ski of the Korab coat of arms, had owned it.

List of coats of arms of Polish nobility

Closely related to the Polish nobility, the szlachta, which has its origins in Middle Ages warriors clans that provided military support to the King, Dukes or overlords.

Herb Rzeczpospolitej Obojga Narodow
Herb Abdank (Awdaniec)
Herb Achinger
Herb Aksak
Herb Alabanda
Herb Allan
Herb Amadej
Herb Antoniewicz
Herb Azulewicz
Herb Bajbuza
Herb Bawola-Głowa
Herb Belina
Herb Bełty
Herb Beztrwogi
Herb Białynia
Herb Biberstein
Herb Boenisch
Herb Bogorya (Bogoria)
Herb Bogoria, odmiana II
Herb Bogusz
Herb Bojcza
Herb Boncza
Herb Borch (Trzy-Kawki, Trzy-Kruki)
Herb Boreyko
Herb Bożawola
Herb Brama
Herb Brochwicz
Herb Brodzic
Herb Bronic
Herb Brzuska
Herb Chalecki
Herb Charyton
Herb Chłędowski
Herb Chodkiewicz
Herb Cholewa
Herb Choryński
Herb Cielątkowa
Herb Cieleski
Herb Ciężosił
Herb Ciołek
Herb Czartoryski (Pogoń Litewska odmiana)
Herb Czewoja
Herb Dąb
Herb Dąbrowa
Herb Dąbrowski (Dołęga odmiana)
Herb Dębno
Herb Dęboróg
Herb Deszpot
Herb Dołęga
Herb Doliwa
Herb Drogosław
Herb Druck
Herb Drużyna
Herb Drya
Herb Drya IV
Herb Drzewica
Herb Działosza
Herb Dzik
Herb Erbs
Herb Essen
Herb Estken
Herb Felseis
Herb Finke
Herb Fleming
Herb Fogelfeder
Herb Fornalski
Herb Fornalski (Orlica odm.)
Herb Giejszt
Herb Giejsztor
Herb Giełgud
Herb Gierałt
Herb Ginwiłł
Herb Glinski
Herb Godziemba
Herb Gozdawa (Dzierżoń, Dervan)
Herb Gozdawa
Herb Grabie
Herb Groty
Herb Gryf (Świeboda)
Herb Gryf II (Pomerania)
Herb Grzymała
Herb Gutak
Herb Gwiazdy
Herb Gwiaździcz
Herb Hejking
Herb Hełm
Herb Herburt
Herb Hilchen
Herb Hilzen
Herb Hipocentaur
Herb Hodyc
Herb Hołownia
Herb Hołownia II
Herb Hornowski
Herb Hozyusz
Herb Husarzewski
Herb Hutor
Herb Jakimowicz
Herb Janina
Herb Jasieńczyk
Herb Jastrzębiec
Herb Jelita (Koźlarogi, Koźlerogi, Nagody)
Herb Jeż
Herb Jodzieszko
Herb Junosza
Herb Kalinowa
Herb Karęga
Herb Karnicki I
Herb Karnicki II
Herb Karp
Herb Kierdeja
Herb Klamry
Herb Komar
Herb Kopacz
Herb Kopaszyna
Herb Korab
Herb Korczak
Herb Korczyk
Herb Kordysz
Herb Korsak
Herb Korwin (Ślepowron odmiana)
Herb Korybut
Herb Kościesza
Herb Kostrowiec I
Herb Kostrowiec II
Herb Kot-Morski
Herb Kotwica
Herb Kotwicz
Herb Kownia
Herb Kozłowski
Herb Krak (Druk, Kač)
Herb Krak II (Druk, Kač)
Herb Kronwald
Herb Kruzer
Herb Krynicki
Herb Kryszpin
Herb Krzywda
Herb Księżyc
Herb Kujk
Herb Kulikowski
Herb Kułak
Herb Kur
Herb Kur II
Herb Kusza
Herb Kuszaba
Herb Łabędź (Dunin)
Herb Lachnicki
Herb Larysza
Herb Leliwa
Herb Leszczyc
Herb Lis
Herb Łodzia
Herb Lubicz
Herb Łuk
Herb Mądrostki
Herb Masalski ks. III
Herb Miller
Herb Mogiła
Herb Nabram
Herb Nałęcz
Herb Nieczuja
Herb Niesobia
Herb Nowina
Herb Odrowąż
Herb Odwaga
Herb Odyniec
Herb Ogończyk
Herb Oksza
Herb Orda
Herb Orla
Herb Osek
Herb Ossoliński (Topór)
Herb Ossorya
Herb Ostoja (medieval)
Herb Ostoja
Herb Ostroga
Herb Ostrogski
Herb Pernus (Sperun, Spyra)
Herb Piast (Kołodziej)
Herb Piast
Herb Pierzchała (Sperski)
Herb Pilawa
Herb Piłsudski
Herb Pobóg
Herb Pogoń Litewska
Herb Pogoń Ruska
Herb Półkozic
Herb Pomian
Herb Poraj
Herb Poronia
Herb Pół Orła
Herb Późniak
Herb Prus I
Herb Pus II (Wilczekosy)
Herb Prus III
Herb Przegonia
Herb Przerowa
Herb Przyjaciel
Herb Puchała
Herb Radwan
Herb Radzislaw
Herb Radziwiłł (Trąby odmiana)
Herb Rawicz
Herb Roch III
Herb Rogala
Herb Rola
Herb Rozmiar
Herb Samson
Herb Sapieha (Lis odmiana)
Herb Sas
Sas II
Herb Siekierz
Herb Skarbomierz
Herb Ślepowron (Bujno, Korwin)
Herb Sołtyk
Herb Starykoń
Herb Straszyński
Herb Strzemię
Herb Suchekomnaty
Herb Sulima
Herb Świąt
Herb Świeńczyc
Herb Świerczek
Herb Świnka
Herb Syrokomla
Herb Szeliga
Herb Szembek
Herb Szreniawa
Herb Tarnawa
Herb Tępa-Podkowa
Herb Topór
Herb Trąby
Herb Trestka
Herb Trójstrzał
Herb Trzaska
Herb Trzy-Gwiazdy
Herb Trzywdar
Herb Wadwicz
Herb Waga
Herb Warnia
Herb Wąż
Herb Wczele
Herb Wieniawa
Herb Wierzbna
Herb Wilcza-Głowa
Herb Wolf
Herb Wysocki (Pierzchała/Ostoja)
Herb Wyssogota
Herb Zabawa
Herb Zadora
Herb Zagłoba
Herb Zaremba
Herb Zerwikaptur
Herb Zetynian
Herb Zgraja (Janina odmiana)
Herb Zych (Záh)
Herb Zychcki (Drzewica II)
Duke of Masovia Janusz I of Warsaw (c.1340 – 1429)
Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski coat of arms as Marshal of France
Alexandre Joseph Count Colonna-Walewski coat of arms of the French empire
Lech Wałęsa personal granted coat of arms by the Kingdom of Sweden
Herb Prus I

Korab (Korabczyk, Korabczyce, Korabiów)

Palace of the Kraków Bishops in Kielce

Built in the 17th century as a summer residence of Bishops of Kraków in Kielce, Poland.

Main façade as seen from the Collegiate Church.
Palace founder Jakub Zadzik; detail of the ceiling fresco depicting the Judgment of the Arians
Garden façade of the palace.
Interior of the palace
Portrait of Felice Zacchia Rondinini, daughter of Cardinal Laudivio Zacchia and renowned art collector, is one of the most valuable paintings in the palace's collection.
Treaty of Stuhmsdorf, the central painting of a plafond, visible: bishop Jakub Zadzik, king Władysław IV Vasa and hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski.
Terraced Italian garden.
Collegiate Church, rebuilt 1632–1635.
Holy Trinity Church, built 1640–1644.
Tarło Palace in Podzamcze Piekoszowskie.

The loggia arcades were crowned with stone cartouches with coats of arms of bishop Zadzik (Korab), Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (White Eagle and Pahonia with Vasa crest) and Cracow chapter (Aaron - Three Crowns), and obelisks.

Włodzimierz Julian Korab-Karpowicz

Polish philosopher and political theorist.

Korab, included in his family name, refers to the Korab coat of arms.

Kobyzewicz family

Boyar family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 16th—17th centuries.

Kobyzewicz family arms on the seal of Boyar Fyodor Kobyziewicz, 1553. From the collection of Sheremetiev Museum, Kiev.
Seal of Wasily Chodyka-Kobyzewicz with his family's emblem, 2nd half of the 16th century. The original silver seal is part of the Kievan Sheremetiev Museum's collection.

The Polish historian Tadeusz M. Trajdos does not see any genealogical link between the Krynickis of the Sas and Korab arms with the Ruthenian Krynicki family (a branch of the Kobyzewicz clan).