Kota Tinggi

Kota Tinggi town in Kota Tinggi district
Kota Tinggi waterfalls at Lombong
Tun Seri Lanang bus and taxi terminal

Town and capital of Kota Tinggi District, Johor, Malaysia, located around 42 kilometers north-east of Johor Bahru, on the road to Mersing.

- Kota Tinggi

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Kota Tinggi District

District in the Malaysian state of Johor.

Map of mukims of Kota Tinggi District
Kota Tinggi District Council

The principal town is Kota Tinggi.


Town, mukim and the capital of Mersing District, Johor, Malaysia.

Centre of Mersing town
Beach near Mersing
Mukim Mersing and Mersing Town (Bandar Mersing) in Mersing District

Mersing town, is particularly significant for a number of reasons: it is one of only two major towns situated in the eastern half of Johor state (the other being Kota Tinggi), it lies on the main trunk road that connects southern as well as eastern Johor with the east coast of Pahang state including Pahang's capital Kuantan (part of Federal Route, and it is the main departure point for ferries to the nearby offshore islands such as Tioman Island.

Johor Sultanate

For the modern state of Malaysia, see Johor, and for its ruler, see Sultan of Johor.

Johor in present-day Malaysia
Aceh attacks on Malacca, Johor and other Malay states
Johor in present-day Malaysia
The Istana Besar (Grand Palace), completed in 1866 under Abu Bakar of Johor's rule, serves as the seat and residence of the Johor Sultanate.
Map showing the partition of the Johor Empire before and after the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824, with the post-partition Johor Sultanate shown in the brightest purple, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula

After Batu Sawar was sacked by Jambi, later capitals included Kota Tinggi, Riau, and Pancur.

Malaysia Federal Route 3

Main federal road running along the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

A direction signboard on the northbound lane of Federal Route 3 in Terengganu.

Then at Kota Tinggi, the FT3 becomes a super two highway until Pekan.

Kuala Sedili

Town in Kota Tinggi District, Johor, Malaysia.

In 1956 Kuala Sedili was a small fishing village at the mouth of the Sedili River, and access to the port was by boat from the Kota Tinggi to Mersing Road where it crossed the river.

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls is a waterfall in Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.


Municipality in Kota Tinggi District, in the Malaysian state of Johor.

Mukim Pengerang in Kota Tinggi District
Tanjung Pengelih Jetty Terminal

The main road is provided by Route 92, from Kota Tinggi to the main settlement of Sungai Rengit.

Malaysia Federal Route 92

Tun Razak Highway (Federal route ) runs from Segamat, Johor to Gambang, Pahang.

Federal Route 92, also known as Pengerang Highway (Jalan Raya Pengerang), is a federal highway that runs from Kota Tinggi to Sungai Rengit in Johor, Malaysia.

Kota Tinggi Museum

The Kota Tinggi Museum (Muzium Kota Tinggi) is a museum in Kota Tinggi Town, Kota Tinggi District, Johor, Malaysia.

Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Di Julang Mausoleum

Historical tomb in Kota Tinggi District, Johor in Malaysia.

As the sultan heaved his last breath, he cast a curse which forbade all sons of Bintan to touch the grounds of Kota Tinggi for eternity or they shall vomit blood to death.