web site of the Russian presidentwebsite is the official website of the President of Russia.wikipedia
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President of Russia

Russian PresidentPresidentPresident of the Russian Federation is the official website of the President of Russia.

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2004 Russian presidential election

20042004 presidential electionpresidential election
The third version opened on June 20, 2004, it was developed in 2004, within three months after the election of the President of Russia.


May 13, 2010, the site of the President of Russia has become one of the first three sites in the domain .rf


TurkmenTurkmeniaRepublic of Turkmenistan
In 2013, the site was blocked in Turkmenistan.

Timeline of the war in Donbass (August 2016)

the 24-hour period of 24 August 2016
The Kremlin announced on its website that Russia was considering tightening security at the land and sea borders with Ukraine, following the alleged incidents in Crimea.

Igor Sergun

Major General Igor Dmitrievich SergunIgor Dmitrievich Sergun
On 4 January 2016, the web site of the Russian president released a short excerpt of President Vladimir Putin's telegram that expressed condolences to Sergun's relatives; the telegram was published by the Interfax news agency, which, citing the Kremlin's press service, also said that Sergun had "died unexpectedly on 3 January 2016, aged 59", without citing place and cause of death.

Russia–Ukraine relations

relations with RussiaRussia and UkraineUkrainian-Russian relations
On 11 August 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev posted a videoblog on the website, and the official Kremlin LiveJournal blog, in which he criticised Yushchenko for what Medvedev claimed was the Ukrainian president's responsibility in the souring of Russia–Ukraine relations and "the anti-Russian position of the current Ukrainian authorities".