Kumam people

Areas where Nilotic languages are spoken

The Kumam are a Nilotic ethnic group of about 349,000 living mainly in the western areas of Teso sub-region and the south-east of Lango sub-region.

- Kumam people

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Nilotic peoples

The Nilotic peoples are people indigenous to the Nile Valley who speak Nilotic languages.

Areas where Nilotic languages are spoken
Maasai men in Ngorongoro, Tanzania
Nubian head from the New Kingdom period of Ancient Egypt (circa 1295 –1070 BC)
Politician John Garang (Dinka) amongst Nilotic supporters in South Sudan
The kingdoms of the Funj, Cøllø (pronounced "Chollo"), Tegali, and Fur, circa 1800
Mount Elgon, referred by Kalenjin as Tulwop Kony, a common Kalenjin point of origin
A Luo village in Kenya
Nilotic men in Kapoeta, South Sudan
Pokot women trekking through the Kenya outback
Cross-country world champion and record holder Lornah Kiplagat is one of many prominent Nilotic distance runners.

The Nilotic people in Uganda include the Luo peoples(Acholi, Lango, Alur, Adhola and Kumam), Ateker peoples (Iteso, Karamojong and Lango, who despite speaking Luo, have cultural Atekere origins), Sebei, and Kakwa.

Lango people

Split into the districts of Apac and Lira, and subsequently into several additional districts.

Lango sub-region
Flag of the Lango People
A Lango chief with an elaborate headdress. Photo published in 1902.

The name “Lango” is found in Teso, Kumam, Karamojong, Jie, and Labwor vocabularies, reflecting that how these groups once used to belong to the Lango race.

Luo peoples

Area ranging from Egypt and Sudan to South Sudan and Ethiopia, through Northern Uganda and eastern Congo (DRC), into western Kenya, and the Mara Region of Tanzania.

Luo location in East Africa
A map of some of the Luo peoples
Shilluk men in South Sudan
Shilluk Kingdom (yellow) c. 1800
Anuak girls in Dimma, Ethiopia
Acholiland in Uganda
Acholi man in South Sudan
Luo dancers in Eldoret, Kenya

Those in Uganda include the Alur, Acholi, Kumam and Padhola.

Teso sub-region

Sub-region in Eastern Region, Uganda that consists of:

Areas where Nilotic languages are spoken

The sub-region covers an area of 13,030.6 km and is home to an estimated 2.5 million people of Iteso and Kumam ethnicity.

Kumam dialect

Southern Luo dialect of Uganda.

Spoken by the Kumam people of Uganda.

Teso people

The Iteso (or people of Teso) are a Nilotic ethnic group in eastern Uganda and western Kenya.

Areas where Nilotic languages are spoken

When Yoweri Museveni came to power, he disbanded a military unit meant to stop the Karamojong's cattle rustling and dismissed many Iteso, Acholi, and Kumam soldiers from the army for their previous service under Obote.

Serere District

District in Eastern Uganda.

Otter in the mountainous parts of Bugondo in Serere District.

Serere District is part of the Teso sub-region, home to an estimated 2.5 million people of Iteso and Kumam ethnicities.

Ngora District

District in the Eastern Region of Uganda.

Ngora District together with Amuria District, Bukedea District, Kaberamaido District, Katakwi District, Kumi District, Serere District, and Soroti District comprise the Teso sub-region, home to an estimated 2.5 million people of Iteso and Kumam ethnicities.

List of tribes in Uganda

Uganda has many tribes that speak different languages.


Ateker Ejalu

Ugandan journalist and statesman.

Ateker Ejalu was born on 15 June 1939 to a Kumam father and an Iteso mother.