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Rémi Laurent (12 October 1957, Suresnes – 14 November 1989, Paris) was a French actor, best known for playing the son Laurent in La Cage aux Folles.

- Rémi Laurent

It stars Ugo Tognazzi and Michel Serrault as a gay couple operating a drag nightclub in a French resort town, Rémi Laurent as the former's son, and Michel Galabru and Carmen Scarpitta as his new fiancée's ultra-conservative parents.

- La Cage aux Folles (film)

He is particularly remembered in his role in the film La Cage aux Folles as Laurent, the son of Renato Baldi (Ugo Tognazzi).

- Rémi Laurent

While he worked primarily in Italian cinema, Tognazzi is perhaps best remembered for his role as Renato Baldi, the gay owner of a St. Tropez nightclub, in the 1978 French comedy La Cage aux Folles which became the highest grossing foreign film ever released in the U.S.

- Ugo Tognazzi
Suresnes Town Hall

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