A report on TopographyTerrain and Landform

A topographic map with contour lines
Present-day Earth altimetry and bathymetry. Data from the National Geophysical Data Center's TerrainBase Digital Terrain Model.
This conical hill in Salar de Arizaro, Salta, Argentina called Cono de Arita constitutes a landform.
This false-color satellite image illustrates topography of the urban core of the New York metropolitan area, with Manhattan at its center.
Relief map of Sierra Nevada, Spain
Karst towers landforms along Lijiang River, Guilin, China
A surveying point in Germany
A shaded and colored image (i.e. terrain is enhanced) of varied terrain from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. This shows elevation model of New Zealand's Alpine Fault running about 500 km (300 mi) long. The escarpment is flanked by a vast chain of hills between the fault and the mountains of New Zealand's Southern Alps. Northeast is towards the top.
A map of Europe using elevation modeling
Relief map: Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain
3D rendering of a DEM used for the topography of Mars

Topography is the study of the forms and features of land surfaces.

- Topography

Terrain or relief (also topographical relief) involves the vertical and horizontal dimensions of land surface.

- Terrain

Landforms together make up a given terrain, and their arrangement in the landscape is known as topography.

- Landform

Topography in a narrow sense involves the recording of relief or terrain, the three-dimensional quality of the surface, and the identification of specific landforms; this is also known as geomorphometry.

- Topography

Land surface objects, or landforms, are definite physical objects (lines, points, areas) that differ from the surrounding objects.

- Terrain
A topographic map with contour lines

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