Lantis (company)

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Lantis Company, Limited was a Japanese company that specialized as a music publisher label for Japanese musicians, anime soundtracks and video game soundtracks.wikipedia
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Bandai Visual

Bandai EntertainmentBeez EntertainmentEmotion
It was established on November 26, 1999, and in May 2006, it was bought by, and became subsidized into Bandai Visual, an animation subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings.
Its subsidiaries include the Emotion Music Company, Limited (whose logos also include the Moai from Easter Island), and Lantis Company, Limited music publishing labels.

Aira Yūki

Aira YuhkiAira YuukiAsuka Kato
Aira Yūki is a female Japanese singer signed to the record label Lantis.

Love Live! Sunshine!!

AqoursChika TakamiKanan Matsuura
is a Japanese multimedia project co-developed by ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine, music label Lantis, and animation studio Sunrise.


ChouCho is a Japanese female singer from Osaka Prefecture and is signed to Lantis.

Annabel (Japanese singer)

Annabel (born March 18, 1984) is an Argentine-Japanese singer signed to Lantis.

Kanae Itō

Kanae ItoKanae Itou
She is affiliated with Aoni Production and music publisher Lantis.

Airi (singer)

AiRI (born September 13 ) is a Japanese singer signed to Lantis.


CooRie's records are released under Lantis and Mellow Head (On the Run).


After releasing one album independently, they were signed in 2013 to Lantis.

Marble (band)

Since their major debut in 2007 with Lantis, they have had a number of releases, including their first album in February 2008.

Kenshō Ono

Kensho Ono
His fifth solo single "Five Star" was released through Lantis on June 27, 2018, after which he announced a Summer tour titled 'Ono Kensho Live Tour 2018'.

Minori Chihara

Melty tale storageChihara MinoriIttōsei
She is well known as voice actress for her role as Yuki Nagato in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Leon in The iDOLM@STER, while in her musical career, she has been signed under King Records and is currently with Lantis.

Miyuki Hashimoto

She is signed to Lantis, a label which contribute songs to anime and video games.

Ryōko Shintani

Ryoko ShintaniRyouko ShintaniShintani Ryōko
She is under the Lantis and Vi-vo Recording Label and famous as the voice of Milfeulle Sakuraba in the Galaxy Angel Series.

Larval Stage Planning

Nami Maisaki
Larval Stage Planning is a Japanese J-pop group formed in 2010 and is signed to Lantis.

Bandai Namco Arts

In February 2018, it was announced Lantis would be merged with its parent company Bandai Visual into a new branch of BNH, called Bandai Namco Arts.
BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. is a Japanese company formed by the merger of Bandai Visual and its subsidiary Lantis by its owner Bandai Namco Holdings in February 2018.


She has released four albums and is signed to the Lantis record label.


She released one single, "Gekka no Rasen", in 2007 under Hobi records label, before she was recruited by Lantis.

Hekiru Shiina

Shiina Hekiru
Shiina is associated with Arts Vision, a major agency for talent in Tokyo, and was working under Sony Music Records, her record label until 2009, when she changed over to Lantis.

Nano Ripe

They released three singles and four mini-albums before being signed to Lantis in 2010.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki

He is affiliated with I'm Enterprise and Lantis.

Tetsuya Kakihara

Kakihara Tetsuya
Since 2010, Kakihara has been affiliated with Kiramune, a music label by Bandai Visual and Lantis, where he debuted as a singer with his first mini album, Still on Journey.