A promontory, on Lake Baikal, Russia
The Lighthouse of Praia da Barra, on the west coast of Portugal.
The Tower of Hercules lighthouse in northwest Spain
Original Winstanley lighthouse, Eddystone Rock, by Jaaziell Johnston, 1813.
John Smeaton's rebuilt version of the Eddystone Lighthouse, 1759. This represented a great step forward in lighthouse design.
Marjaniemi Lighthouse, the 19th-century lighthouse in the Hailuoto island, neighbouring municipality of Oulu, Finland
An 85 mm Chance Brothers Incandescent Petroleum Vapour Installation which produced the light for the Sumburgh Head lighthouse until 1976. The lamp (made in approx. 1914) burned vaporized kerosene (paraffin); the vaporizer was heated by a denatured alcohol (methylated spirit) burner to light. When lit, some of the vaporised fuel was diverted to a Bunsen burner to keep the vaporizer warm and the fuel in vapor form. The fuel was forced up to the lamp by air; the keepers had to pump the air container up every hour or so, pressurizing the paraffin container to force the fuel to the lamp. The "white sock" pictured is an unburnt mantle on which the vapor burned.
Diagram depicting how a spherical Fresnel lens collimates light
Point Danger lighthouse, Queensland, 1971
Cape Meares Lighthouse in Oregon; first-order Fresnel lens
Lighthouse lantern room from mid-1800s
Range Lights in Margaree Harbour, Nova Scotia. When a vessel is on the correct course, the two lights align one above the other.
Lighthouse located on a higher mound in India

Raised mass of land that projects into a lowland or a body of water .

- Promontory

In antiquity, the lighthouse functioned more as an entrance marker to ports than as a warning signal for reefs and promontories, unlike many modern lighthouses.

- Lighthouse
A promontory, on Lake Baikal, Russia

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