A Haitian boy turns the crank on his crank-powered flashlight radio. Mechanically powered flashlights were distributed by aid organizations to survivors of the 2010 Haiti earthquake since electric power was lost for a long period.
A linear induction flashlight is charged by shaking it along its long axis, causing a magnet (visible at right) to slide through a coil of wire (center) to generate electricity.
German dynamo flashlight from World War I. Pulling the pull-chain spun a flywheel, generating electricity to light the bulb on the front for about 5 seconds.

The simplest type of linear alternator is the mechanically powered flashlight (shake type).

- Linear alternator

This design contains a linear electrical generator which charges a supercapacitor which functions similarly to a rechargeable battery when the flashlight is shaken lengthwise.

- Mechanically powered flashlight

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