A report on Lionel Barrymore and Nils Asther

Barrymore c. undefined 1910
Asther in 1930s by George Hurrell
Barrymore, 1906
Asther by Alexander Binder in 1925
Lionel and first wife Doris (in rocking chair) in 1920 silent film The Devil's Garden.
Lionel Barrymore in Enemies of Women (1923)
With second wife Irene Fenwick, 1923
Portraying Mr. Potter in It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
Hosting "Concert Hall" for Armed Forces Radio Service during World War II, c. 1942
Lionel Barrymore's 61st birthday in 1939, standing: Mickey Rooney, Robert Montgomery, Clark Gable, Louis B. Mayer, William Powell, Robert Taylor, seated: Norma Shearer, Lionel Barrymore, and Rosalind Russell
Barrymore's crypt at Calvary Cemetery
young 'Li with John, Ethel and their mother. 1890

His works ranged from solo piano pieces to large-scale orchestral works, such as "Tableau Russe," which was performed twice in Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (1941) as Cornelia's Symphony, first on piano by Nils Asther's character and later by a full symphony orchestra.

- Lionel Barrymore

Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (1941) as uncredited performer: "Ride of the Valkyries" and "Tableau Russe"" (Symphonic Suite Composed by Lionel Barrymore)

- Nils Asther
Barrymore c. undefined 1910

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