List of California wildfires

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California has dry, windy and often hot weather conditions from spring through late autumn that can produce moderate to devastating wildfires.wikipedia
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Mendocino Complex Fire

Mendocino Complex
The Mendocino Complex Fire was the largest recorded fire complex in California history.

Thomas Fire

Thomas wildfireThomas
It burned approximately 281,893 acre before being fully contained on January 12, 2018, making it the largest wildfire in modern California history at the time, being surpassed by the Ranch Fire, part of the Mendocino Complex, less than a year later in August 2018.

Cedar Fire (2003)

Cedar FireCedar Fire of 2003Cedar
The fire remains one of the largest wildfires in California history and, as of 2018, the third-largest wildfire in the state's modern history.


forest fireforest fireswildfires
The following is a list of notable wildfires of various sizes that have occurred in California.
A 2015 study indicates that the increase in fire risk in California may be attributable to human-induced climate change.

Camp Fire (2018)

Camp Fire2018 Camp FireCamp
The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history to date.

Rough Fire

, the fire had surpassed the Simi Fire on the list of Largest wildfires in California as it reached 110,134 acre.

Basin Complex Fire

Basin Complex
, the fire is the 11th largest wildfire in California, since accurate records began in 1932.

Laguna Fire

Laguna Fire (1970). 382 homes burned, killing eight people.
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Santiago Canyon Fire

Santiago Canyon Fire of 1889
Santiago Canyon Fire (1889). Burned on the order of 310,000 acres (130,000 ha).
List of California Wildfires

Old Fire

OldGrand PrixWaterman Canyon Wildfire
List of California wildfires

Ventura County, California

Ventura CountyVenturaVentura Counties
It burned approximately 281,893 acre, becoming the largest wildfire in modern California history, before it was fully contained on January 12, 2018.

Happy Camp Complex Fire

Happy Camp Complex
The fire, which would eventually consume 134,056 acre of land, was the largest fire of the 2014 California wildfire season and as of 2018, ranks 20th on the list of largest fires in state history.

2007 California wildfires

2007 California wildfire season2007 San Diego wildfires2007
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2016 California wildfires

2016 California wildfire season2016
List of California wildfires

2008 California wildfires

Basin Complex fireraging wildfires2008 California wildfire season
Examples of this are the 1999 Megram Fire and the 2008 California wildfires.
List of California wildfires

2015 California wildfires

2015 California wildfire season2015
List of California wildfires