The Town Hall in Austin
Glessner House, designated on October 14, 1970, was one of the first official Chicago Landmarks.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel speaking at St. Hyacinth Basilica in Avondale
Night view of the top of The Chicago Board of Trade Building at 141 West Jackson, an address that has twice housed Chicago's tallest building
The Back of the Yards neighborhood derived from the Union Stockyards, at one time a significant employer in Chicago. Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel The Jungle revolves around the life of a Lithuanian immigrant working the Stockyards named Jurgis Rudkus.
The now-demolished plant of the White Eagle Brewing Company was in Bridgeport and designed by architect John S. Flizikowski.
Ping Tom Memorial Park in Chicago's Chinatown.
St. Simeon Mirotočivi, a Serbian Orthodox church located in East Side.
The literal and ideological corner of Greektown.
Fiesta Boricua on Paseo Boricua in Humboldt Park.
The Robie House in Hyde Park is a Frank Lloyd Wright design.
The Gateway Theatre's Solidarity Tower in Jefferson Park is a replica of the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
"The Land of SF is The Wizard" is a nickname for the tongue-twisting proper designation of the neighborhood of Kosciuszko Park.
The Krause Music Store in Lincoln Square
26th Street in Little Village
A woodblock print (1925) of Maxwell Street by Todros Geller.
A Portage Park two-flat, or Polish flat, in Chicago's Bungalow Belt
Wacławowo is derived from the Polish name for the church of St. Wenceslaus. Photographer Richard Nickel was married here in 1950.
The intersections of North Ave, Damen and Milwaukee in 2010 in Wicker Park
Wrigley Field, from which Wrigleyville gets its name, is home to the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

There are sometimes said to be more than 200 neighborhoods in Chicago, though residents differ on their names and boundaries.

- List of neighborhoods in Chicago

7) Its unique location or distinctive physical appearance or presence representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood, community, or the City of Chicago.

- List of Chicago Landmarks
The Town Hall in Austin

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