Facelifted Toyota Land Cruiser SUV
Land Cruiser 70 in Dubai
(HZJ79) 2020 Land Cruiser 70 series used in Canada for mining purposes only.
3-door wagon (HZJ75V)
middle-spec fibreglass-top 3.4 LX (BJ73V, Japan)
GXL 5-door wagon (VDJ76)
Troop Carrier (VDJ78)
Single Cab Pickup
Double Cab Pickup of the UWA (HZJ79)
Double Cab Pickup (HZJ79)
Troop Carrier (HZJ75V)
Interior (facelift)
Technamm Mastech T4, Military version for French Army

For a while (1987 until at least 1990) the BJ73 hardtop was available in the Italian and Spanish market with a VM five-cylinder HR588 2.5-litre turbodiesel—the "B" prefix was applied because the first four-cylinder diesel 70 series came with the 3B.

- Toyota Land Cruiser (J70)

1987-? Toyota Land Cruiser II BJ73, 99 PS at 4,000 rpm and 220 Nm at 2,600 rpm (Italian market only) (European market)

- List of VM Motori engines
Facelifted Toyota Land Cruiser SUV

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