List of child saints

Statue of Saint Quiricus (Cyr, Cyricus)

Child saints are children who died or were martyred and have been declared saints or martyrs of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Anglican, Episcopalian, or Lutheran Churches or have been beatified.

- List of child saints

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Harold of Gloucester

blood libel image of child sacrifice

Harold of Gloucester (died 1168) was a supposed child martyr who was falsely claimed by Benedictine monks to have been ritually murdered by Jews in Gloucester, England, in 1168.

April 15 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

April 14 - Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar - April 16

An Eastern Orthodox cross
St. Aristarchus of Thessalonica (Aristarchus of Apamea).
St. Pudens.
Martyrs Basilissa and Anastasia of Rome (Menologion of Basil II).
St. Leonidas, Bishop of Athens.
St. Paternus.
Lorrha Priory of St. Ruadhan.
Saint Mstislav-Theodore, Prince of Kiev.
Righteous Daniel of Achinsk.

Child-martyr Laurentinus Sossius, a boy aged five, martyred on Good Friday in Valrovina near Vicenza in Italy (485)

Vasilissa (child martyr)

Statue of Saint Quiricus (Cyr, Cyricus)

Vasilissa (300–309) is venerated as a child martyr by the Russian Orthodox Church.

September 14 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

September 13 - Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar - September 15

The Eastern Orthodox cross
Elevation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross.
Elevation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross.
Orthodox Schema Cross.
Orthodox Cross set for veneration on the feast of The Universal Exaltation of the Precious and Life Giving Cross.
Martyr Papas of Lycaonia.
King Cormac of Cashel as bishop, warrior and scribe.

Child-martyr Valerianus, by the sword.

March 16 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

March 15 - Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar - March 17

An Eastern Orthodox cross
Apostle Aristobulus of the Seventy, Bishop of Britain.
Hieromartyr Alexander I, Pope of Rome.
Martyr Julian of Anazarbus, in Cilicia.
Shrine of St Heribert of Cologne, Archbishop of Cologne.
Ambrosius, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia.

Saint Dentlin (Dentelin, Denain), child-saint, considered a confessor of the faith (7th century)

Sicarius of Brantôme

Stained glass window representing St. Sicarius. Church of Sainte-Madeleine, Montagrier, Dordogne, France.
Image from the abbey church of Saint-Pierre de Brantôme. Detail of the central part of a painted carved oak panel, depicting Charlemagne presenting the relics of St. Sicarius to the monks of the abbey.
Sculpture representing the martyrdom of Saint Sicarius, Brantôme.

Sicarius of Brantôme or Sicarius of Bethlehem (Sicaire de Brantôme, Sicaire de Bethléem) was a child saint who was venerated from the time of Charlemagne onwards as one of the victims of the Massacre of the Innocents by Herod the Great, said to have occurred in Bethlehem at the time of the birth of Jesus.

Crescentius of Rome

Saint Crescentius, Maestà of Duccio.

Crescentius of Rome (San Crescenzio di Roma) is venerated as a child martyr by the Roman Catholic Church.