List of deadliest floods

1998 South Korea Floodfloods of 1995heavy floodslargest floods in recorded historyworst floods
This is a list consisting of the deadliest floods worldwide with a minimum of 50 deaths.wikipedia
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St. Lucia's flood

great storm also in 1287great storm of 1287Saint Lucia flood
St. Lucia's flood (Sint-Luciavloed) was a storm tide that affected the Netherlands and Northern Germany on 14 December 1287, the day after St. Lucia Day, killing approximately 50,000 to 80,000 people in one of the largest floods in recorded history.

St. Elizabeth's flood (1421)

St. Elizabeth's floodSaint Elisabeth floodSt Elizabeth's flood
It takes its name from the feast day of Saint Elisabeth of Hungary which was formerly November 19. It ranks 20th in the list of worst floods in history.

1931 China floods

1931 Yellow River flood1931 flood1931 Yellow River floods
List of deadliest floods

2010 Pakistan floods

2010 floodsPakistan floods2010 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa floods
List of deadliest floods

North Sea flood of 1962

1962north sea flood1962 flood
List of deadliest floods

2018 Japan floods

disastrous floodings in western Japan2018 West Japan rain disasterextraordinarily heavy rainfall in Western Japan
List of deadliest floods

1938 Yellow River flood

1938 Huang He flood1938 Yellow River (Huang He) floodbroke the levees


Dutch🇳🇱the Netherlands

Red River Delta

DeltaGreater Ha Noi – Red River Delta (Hà Nội Kinh-Đồng Bằng Sông Hồng)Red

North Vietnam

NorthDemocratic Republic of VietnamNorth Vietnam (Democratic Republic of Vietnam)


Saint Marcellus' flood

Second Marcellus FloodSt. Marcellus flood1362

1954 Yangtze River floods

Yangtze River FloodsIn 1954 the river flooded


🇧🇩People's Republic of BangladeshBangladeshi


Danish🇩🇰Constituent country

Vargas tragedy

1999 Vargas mudslideVargas mudslides1999 mud slides