List of directorial debuts

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This is a list of film directorial debuts in chronological order.wikipedia
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Citizen Kane

RosebudCharles Foster KaneCitizen Kane (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Orson Welles† – Citizen Kane
The picture was Welles's first feature film.

The Adventures of Dollie

D. W. Griffith – The Adventures of Dollie
It was Griffith's debut film as a director.

Ray Taylor (director)

Ray TaylorRaymond Taylor
Ray Taylor – Fighting with Buffalo Bill
His debut was the 1926 film serial Fighting with Buffalo Bill.

The Boy in Blue (1919 film)

The Boy in BlueDer Knabe in BlauThe Boy in Blue'' (1919 film)
F. W. Murnau – The Boy in Blue
It was Murnau's directorial debut.

The Tornado

John Ford – The Tornado
It was Ford's debut film as a director, (previously he directed films with his brother Francis Ford) he was only 22 years old, but sometimes The Trail of Hate (1917) is considered the first.

Night in the City

Fei Mu – Night in the City
Night in the City was the directorial debut of Fei Mu (who would later go on to achieve lasting fame throughout the 1930s and 1940s) and starred actress Ruan Lingyu and actor Jin Yan.

The Hawk (1935 film)

The HawkThe Hawk'' (1935 film)
Edward Dmytryk – The Hawk
It was Dmytryk's debut film as a director.

Father Vojtech (1929 film)

Father VojtechPáter VojtěchFather Vojtech'' (1929 film)
Martin Frič – Father Vojtech
It was Frič's debut film as a director.

Crisis (1946 film)

CrisisCrisis'' (1946 film)Kris
Ingmar Bergman – Crisis
The film was Bergman's first feature as director and he also wrote the screenplay, based on the Danish radio play Moderhjertet (translated as The Mother Animal, A Mother's Heart, The Mother Creature, and The Maternal Instinct) by Leck Fischer.

The Left Handed Gun

Arthur Penn♦ – The Left Handed Gun
The Left Handed Gun is a 1958 American western film and the film directorial debut of Arthur Penn, starring Paul Newman as Billy the Kid and John Dehner as Pat Garrett.

Fear and Desire

Stanley Kubrick† – Fear and Desire
With a production team of only fifteen people, the film was Kubrick's feature directorial debut.

The Secret Place (film)

The Secret PlaceThe Secret Place'' (film)
Clive Donner – The Secret Place
The Secret Place is a 1957 British crime film, and the directorial debut of Clive Donner.

Il bacio di Cirano

Carmine Gallone – Il bacio di Cirano
It was Gallone's debut film as a director.

One-Eyed Jacks

One Eyed Jacks
Marlon Brando – One-Eyed Jacks
One-Eyed Jacks is a 1961 Western film directed by Marlon Brando; it was the only film directed by him.

Ud i den kolde sne

Alice O'Fredericks – Ud i den kolde sne
It was Fredericks debut film as a director.

The Stool Pigeon (1915 film)

The Stool PigeonThe Stool Pigeon'' (1915 film)
Lon Chaney – The Stool Pigeon
The picture was Chaney's debut film as a director.

The Tell-Tale Heart (1941 film)

The Tell-Tale Heart1941 live-action adaptationThe Tell-Tale Heart'' (1941 film)
Jules Dassin – The Tell-Tale Heart
The film marked Dassin's directorial debut after working as an assistant to Alfred Hitchcock and Garson Kanin.

Edge of the City

Martin Ritt – Edge of the City
It was Ritt's debut film as a director.

Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford (1916 film)

Get-Rich-Quick WallingfordGet-Rich-Quick Wallingford'' (1916 film)
Fred Niblo – Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford
It was Niblo's debut film as a director and is considered a lost film.

Red Roses (1940 film)

Red Roses
Vittorio De Sica – Rose scarlatte
It was De Sica's first film as a director.

Stanley Donen

Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly – On the Town
Like Orson Welles, Donen made his directorial debut at 25. Donen stated that Kelly was "responsible for most of the dance movements. I was behind the camera in the dramatic and musical sequences."

Den starkaste

Alf Sjöberg – Den starkaste
It was Sjöberg's debut film as a director.

Downhill Racer

Michael Ritchie – Downhill Racer
Downhill Racer is a 1969 American sports drama film starring Robert Redford, Gene Hackman and Camilla Sparv, and was the directorial debut of Michael Ritchie.

THX 1138

George Lucas† – THX 1138
It was directed by George Lucas in his feature film directorial debut in 1971.

Star in the Night

Don Siegel – Star in the Night
The film was Siegel's directorial debut, and won an Academy Award in 1946 for Best Short Subject (Two-Reel).