List of divided cities

One which, as a consequence of political changes or border shifts, currently constitutes two separate entities, or an urban area with a border running through it.

- List of divided cities

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Tell Abyad

Town in northern Syria.

Bombardment of Tell Abyad during the 2019 Turkish offensive.
Tell Abyad is the administrative center of the Tell Abyad Subdistrict and the Tell Abyad District.

Located along the Balikh River, it constitutes a divided city with the bordering city of Akçakale in Turkey.


Ethnic Arab town and a district of Şanlıurfa Province, in southeastern Turkey.

Border towns of Akçakale in Turkey and Tal Abyad in Syria.
Districts of Şanlıurfa

Akçakale forms a divided city with Tell Abyad in Syria, maintaining a border crossing.

Ras al-Ayn

City in al-Hasakah Governorate in northeastern Syria, on the Syria–Turkey border.

Map of the medieval Jazira (Upper Mesopotamia), showing Ras al-Ayn as part of Diyar Rabi'a administrative division
British ethnographical map from 1910 showing the name "Ras el Ain" in the red ellipse (top center). The blue color represents Arab population and yellow represents Kurds
Ottoman map from 1893 showing "Ras al-Ain" (رأس العين) (in red circle, top center)

With the 1921 Treaty of Ankara, Ras al-Ayn became a divided city when its northern part, today's Ceylanpınar, was ceded to Turkey.


District of Şanlıurfa Province in southeastern Turkey.

Districts of Şanlıurfa

It forms a divided city with Ra's al-'Ayn in Syria and there is a border crossing.

Texhoma, Oklahoma

Town in Texas County, Oklahoma, United States.

Texhoma is a divided city with the Texas–Oklahoma state border separating the town from Texhoma, Texas.

Texhoma, Texas

City in Sherman County, Texas, United States.

Texhoma is a divided city with the Texas-Oklahoma state border separating the city from Texhoma, Oklahoma.

Abdullahi Yusuf Airport

Airport located in Galkayo, the capital of the north-central Mudug region of Somalia.

It has acted as a buffer zone between the divided city's two main divisions.

Oštra Luka

Village and a municipality located in Republika Srpska, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nature in Oštra Luka

The boundary creates divided settlements which for administrative purposes function as independent villages while geographically and sociologically forming a single unit.

Abduwali Muse

Convicted Somali pirate.

Barkhad Abdi portrayed Muse in Captain Phillips

Muse was born in Galkayo, a divided city in Somalia.

La Cure

Border plaque on a building in La Cure
La Cure, aerial view.

La Cure is a village located some 15 mi northwest of Lake Geneva, straddling the Franco-Swiss border.