List of magazines in India

This is a list of magazines published in India, sorted on basis of language.wikipedia
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Overdrive (magazine)

OverdriveOverdrive MagazineOverdrive'' (magazine)
*List of magazines in India


Filmfare Magazine Filmfare Award for Best Debut Actress–Kannada57th Filmfare Awards South
Filmfare – Bollywood magazine
List of magazines in India

Top Gear (Indian magazine)

Top GearTop Gear IndiaTop Gear Indian
Top Gear
List of magazines in India

Parag (magazine)

ParagParag'' (magazine)
*List of magazines in India

Saptahik Samaya

Saptahik Samaya – weekly
*List of magazines in India


Desh (magazine)

DeshDesh PatrikaDesh'' (magazine)
Desh magazine


Grih Shobha
Grihshobha – biweekly women's magazine

Business Today (India)

Business TodayBusiness Today'' (India)Business Today.
Business Today – fortnightly

The Caravan

Caravan Magazine
The Caravan – journal of politics and culture, published by Delhi Press



Dataquest – fortnightly information technology

Digit (magazine)

DigitDigit'' (magazine)
Digit – IT gadgets and mobile phones

Indian Express Limited

Indian Express GroupIndia Express GroupIndian Express
Express Computer – monthly information technology