List of motorsports people by nickname

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This is a list of motor sports people by nickname.wikipedia
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Luigi Fagioli

Luigi Cristiano Fagioli (9 June 1898 – 20 June 1952), nicknamed "the Abruzzi robber", was an Italian motor racing driver.

Ed McCulloch

Ed "The Ace" McCulloch
Ed McCulloch, nicknamed "The Ace", is an American dragster and funny car driver.

Jorge Martínez (motorcyclist)

Jorge MartínezJorge MartinezJorge "Aspar" Martínez
Jorge Martínez Salvadores, nicknamed "Aspar", (born 29 August 1962 in Alzira, Valencia, Spain) is one of the most successful motorcycle racers in Grand Prix motorcycle racing history with 22 Grand Prix victories to his name in the 80 cc class and a further 15 wins in the 125 cc class.

Birabongse Bhanudej

Prince BiraB. BiraBira
Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh (พีรพงศ์ภาณุเดช; ; 15 July 1914 – 23 December 1985), better known as Prince Bira of Siam (now Thailand) or by his nom de course '''B.

Doug King

Douglas M. King, nicknamed "Ardun Doug", (May 6, 1937 - September 16, 2011) was an American drag racer and engine builder.

Barry Seton

BarryBarry 'Bo' SetonBo Seton
Barry Seton (known as 'Bo'), (born 5 October 1936), is an Australian racing driver.

Don Garlits

Big Daddy" Don GarlitsDon "Big Daddy" GarlitsBig Daddy
He is known as "Big Daddy" to drag racing fans around the world.

Frank Manzo

Frank “Ace” Manzo
Frank Manzo, nicknamed "Ace", is an American funny car drag racer, named to the 2010 American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association All-America Team.


National Association for Stock Car Auto RacingNASCAR.comNASCAR NEXT
The first Commissioner of NASCAR was Erwin "Cannonball" Baker.

Bob Said

Boris Said, Jr.Boris SaidBob
Boris Said (May 5, 1932 in New York City – March 24, 2002 in Seattle), commonly called "Bob", was an American racing driver from the United States.

Mark Donohue

Mark Neary Donohue Jr. (March 18, 1937 – August 19, 1975), nicknamed "Captain Nice," and later "Dark Monohue," was an American racecar driver known for his ability to set up his own race car as well as driving it to victories.

Ed Iskenderian

Ed Iskendarian (who became a drag racer)
Ed Iskenderian (born 1921), commonly known by his nickname, "Isky", is an American hot rodder and entrepreneur.

Connie Kalitta

Conrad "Connie" KalittaConnieConrad Kalitta
Conrad "Connie" Kalitta (born February 24, 1938) is an American businessman and former drag racing driver, nicknamed "The Bounty Hunter".

Léon Théry

Léon Théry (16 April 1879 – 8 March 1909) was a French racing driver, nicknamed "Le Chronometer", who won the premier European race, the Gordon Bennett Cup, in both 1904 and 1905.

Carol Burkett

Bunny Burkett
Caroline Burkett, nicknamed "Bunny", is an American Alcohol Funny Car driver.

Woolf Barnato

BarnatoBarnato, WoolfJoel Woolf Barnato
Barnato was nicknamed "Babe", in ironic deference to his heavyweight boxer's build.

Doug Cook

Doug "Cookie" Cook
Doug Cook (nicknamed “Cookie") is an American drag racer.

Ken Tyrrell

R. K. Tyrrell
After the war he became a timber merchant; as a result, he was sometimes known as "Chopper".

Shirley Shahan

Shirley Shahan (nicknamed the "Drag-On Lady") is a pioneering American woman drag racer.

Dario Resta

Dario Resta (19 August 1884 – 3 September 1924), nicknamed "Dolly", was an Italian Briton race car driver.

Dick Landy

Dandy Dick" Landy
Dick Landy, nicknamed "Dandy Dick", was an American drag racer.

Gordie Bonin

240 Gordie" BoninBonin, GordieGordon Bonin
Bonin was nicknamed "240 Gordie".

M. L. Fredericks

M. L. "Curly" Fredericks
M. L. Fredericks, nicknamed "Curley" (or "Curly"), was an American motorcycle racer.

Funny Car

funny carsTop Fuel Funny CarAlcohol Funny Car
The success of these cars inspired other racers to give up class racing for supercharged exhibition cars, led by "Arnie Farmer" Beswick and his Pontiac GTO, Gary Dyer's hemi Dodge A/FX (financed by Norm Krause, "Mister Norm" ), and

Gordon Mineo

Flash Gordon" Mineo
Gordon Mineo (19 June 1945 -3 September 2006), nicknamed "Flash Gordon", was a Top Fuel Funny Car driver.