List of movements of the human body

Peroneus longus and peroneus brevis (centre left), the primary muscles involved in eversion
Tibialis anterior and posterior (centre top), the primary muscles involved in inversion

The list below describes such skeletal movements as normally are possible in particular joints of the human body.

- List of movements of the human body

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Anatomical terms of motion

Described using specific anatomical terms.

Hyperextended finger in hypermobility spectrum disorder
Hyperextended thumb in hypermobility spectrum disorder
Flexion and extension
Abduction and adduction
The lotus position of yoga, demonstrating external rotation of the thigh at the hip.
Rotating the arm away from the body is external rotation.
Rotating the arm closer to the body is internal rotation.
The swinging action made during a tennis serve is an example of circumduction
A ballerina, demonstrating plantar flexion of the feet
Dorsi and plantar flexion of the foot
Praying Hands by Albrecht Dürer, demonstrating dorsiflexion of the hands.
Supination and pronation of the foot
Supination and pronation of the arm
Example showing inversion and eversion of the foot
Eversion of the right foot
Inversion of the right foot
Examples showing protrusion and retrusion.
Elevation and depression of the jaw.
Nutation at left, counternutation at right
An example of opposition
Example of opposition of the thumb and index finger

A categoric list of movements and the muscles involved can be found at list of movements of the human body.