List of parasites of humans

human parasitic diseaseparasite of humansantiparasitichuman parasitic diseasesList of parasitesparasitesparasitic human diseases
Helminth organisms (also called helminths or intestinal worms) include:wikipedia
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Giardialambliasisacute giardiasis.
Giardia is one of the most common parasitic human diseases globally.

Schistosoma mansoni

intestinal schistosomiasisS. mansoniSchistosoma worm
Schistosoma mansoni is a water-borne parasite of humans, and belongs to the group of blood flukes (Schistosoma). The adult lives in the blood vessels (mesenteric veins) near the human intestine.


blastocystis hominisblastocystis infectionsBlastocystis homnis
List of parasites (human)

Pinworm infection

Pinworm infection, also known as enterobiasis, is a human parasitic disease caused by the pinworm.


antileishmanialcausative agentLeishmania donovani
List of parasites (human)

Plasmodium malariae

P. malariaequartan feverquartan ague
List of parasites (human)

Giardia lamblia

Giardia intestinalisGiardiaG. lamblia
List of parasites (human)

Plasmodium vivax

P. vivaxHaemamoeba vivaxhuman malarial parasites
List of parasites (human)


Strongyloidiasis is a human parasitic disease caused by the nematode called Strongyloides stercoralis, or sometimes S. fülleborni which is a type of helminth.

Plasmodium falciparum

P. falciparumfalciparumblood stage
List of parasites (human)

Trichomonas vaginalis

T. vaginalistrichomonatrichomonal
List of parasites (human)

Trypanosoma cruzi

antitrypanosomalT. cruziTrypanosoma
* List of parasites (human)

Trypanosoma brucei

trypanosomeT. bruceiTrypanosoma brucei gambiense
List of parasites (human)


broad tapewormfish tapewormBotriocephalus latus
*List of parasites (human)


This genus of snails is medically important, because the snails can carry a parasite of humans which represents a serious disease risk: the snails serve as an intermediate host (vector) for the human parasitic blood fluke, Schistosoma mansoni, that infects about 83 million people.