List of railroad executives

Railroad ExecutiveRailroad executivesrailroad officialUS railroad executive
Following is a list of presidents and chief executive officers of railroad and railway systems worldwide.wikipedia
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Charles Francis Adams Jr.

Charles Francis AdamsADAMS, Charles FrancisCharles F. Adams, Jr.
Adams, Charles Francis, Jr. (1835–1915), UP 1884-1890
List of railroad executives

Richard H. Anderson (businessman)

Richard AndersonRichard H. AndersonAnderson, Richard H.
Anderson, Richard H. (born 1955), Amtrak 2017-
* List of railroad executives

Melvin O. Adams

Adams, Melvin O.
Adams, Melvin O. (1847–1920), BRB&L
*List of railroad executives

Oliver Ames Jr.

Oliveralso named OliverAmes, Oliver, Jr.
Ames, Oliver, Jr. (1807–1877), UP 1866–1871
List of railroad executives

Joseph H. Boardman

Joseph BoardmanBoardman, Joseph H.Joe Boardman’s
Boardman, Joseph H. (b. 1948), Amtrak 2008–2016
* List of railroad executives

Horatio Allen

Allen, Horatio
Allen, Horatio (1802–1889), Erie 1843-1844
*List of railroad executives

Edwin Hale Abbot

Abbot, Edwin H.
Abbot, Edwin H. (1834–1927), WC -1890
*List of railroad executives

Charles Minot (railroad executive)

Charles MinotMinot, Charles
Minot, Charles, Erie Railroad 1850-45 and 1859–1864
Charles Minot (August 30, 1810 - December 10, 1866) was an American railroad executive at the Erie Railroad, where in 1850 he became Superintendent as successor of James P. Kirkwood, and was succeeded by Daniel McCallum in 1854.

William Wallace Atterbury

W. W. AtterburyAtterbury, William W.WW Atterbury
Atterbury, William W. (1866–1935), PRR 1925–1935
* List of railroad executives

George Frederick Baer

BaerBaer, George FrederickGeorge Baer
Baer, George Frederick (1842–1914), RDG 1901–1914
* List of railroad executives

Alan Stephenson Boyd

Alan BoydAlan S. BoydBoyd, Alan Stephenson
Boyd, Alan Stephenson (b. 1922), IC 1969–1972, Amtrak 1978–1982
* List of railroad executives

Benjamin Franklin Bush

Bush, Benjamin Franklin
Bush, Benjamin Franklin (1860–1927), WM 1907–1911, MP 1911–1923, D&RG 1912–1915, WP 1913–1915
List of railroad executives

W. Graham Claytor Jr.

Graham ClaytorClaytor, W. Graham, Jr.Graham
Claytor, W. Graham, Jr. (1912–1994), SOU 1967–1977, Amtrak 1982–1993
* List of railroad executives

Mike Haverty

Haverty, MikeMichael HavertyMichael R. Haverty
Haverty, Mike (b. 1944), ATSF 1989–1995, KCS 1995–2010
*List of railroad executives

Charles Eugene Denney

Denney, Charles E.
Denney, Charles E. (b. 1879), Erie 1929–1939, NP 1939–1950
*List of railroad executives

D. William Brosnan

Brosnan, D. William
Brosnan, D. William (d. 1985), SOU 1962–1967
*List of railroad executives

Ralph Budd

Budd, Ralph
Budd, Ralph (1879–1962), GN 1919–1932, CB&Q 1932–1949
*List of railroad executives

Chester W. Chapin

Chapin, Chester W.Chester Chapin
Chapin, Chester W. (1798–1883), B&A 1868–1878
List of railroad executives

Erastus Corning

Corning & Co.Corning, ErastusCornings
Corning, Erastus (1794–1872), U&S 1830s–1853, NYC 1853–1865
List of railroad executives

Alexander Cassatt

A. J. CassattAlexanderAlexander Johnson ("AJ") Cassatt
Cassatt, Alexander (1839–1906), PRR 1899–1906
List of railroad executives

Jay Cooke

CookeCooke, JayJay Cooke & Co.
Cooke, Jay (1821–1905), NP
List of railroad executives

George Washington Cass

Cass, George WashingtonGeorge W. Cass
Cass, George Washington (1810–1888), O&P 1856, PFW&C 1857–83, NP 1872–75
* List of railroad executives

Robert B. Claytor

Claytor, Robert B.RobertRobert Buckner Claytor
Claytor, Robert B. (1922–1993), N&W 1981–1982, NS 1982–1993
* List of railroad executives

Martin W. Clement

Clement, Martin W.
Clement, Martin W. (1881–1966), PRR 1935–1948
* List of railroad executives