List of state leaders in 1955

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EgyptianEGYArab Republic of Egypt

Haile Selassie

Haile Selassie IEmperor Haile SelassieHaile Selassie I of Ethiopia

Emperor of Ethiopia

Emperornəgusä nägästEmpress of Ethiopia

William Tubman

William V. S. TubmanPresident TubmanWilliam V.S. Tubman

President of Liberia

PresidentLiberian PresidentChairman of the Council of State of Liberia

List of heads of state of Libya

Guide of the Revolution of LibyaKing of LibyaGeneral Secretary of the General People's Congress of Libya

List of heads of government of Libya

Prime MinisterPrime Minister of LibyaGeneral Secretary of the General People's Committee of Libya

Prime Minister of South Africa

Prime MinisterSouth African Prime MinisterList of Prime Ministers of South Africa