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This is a list of technology centers throughout the world.wikipedia
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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, CaliforniaSan JoseSan Francisco Bay Area technology industry
Governmental planners and business networks like to use the name "silicon" or "valley" to describe their own areas as a result of the success of Silicon Valley in California.
The name also became a global synonym for leading high-tech research and enterprises, and thus inspired similar named locations, as well as research parks and technology centers with a comparable structure all around the world.


Bel-Air ResidenceHong Kong CyberportBel-Air
It describes itself as a digital technology community with about 1,400 digital and technology companies, including established enterprises such as Microsoft, Lenovo, and Zhongan, and homegrown companies such as Gogovan, Klook, GRWTH and Bowtie.

Silicon Cape Initiative

SiliconCapeSilicon Cape
Its ultimate goal is to help foster a high-technology district in the Western Cape.

MSC Malaysia

Multimedia Super CorridorMSCMalaysia Multimedia Super Corridor
MSC Malaysia, formerly the Multimedia Super Corridor and known as the MSC in Malaysia, is a Special Economic Zone and high-technology business district in central-southern Selangor, Malaysia.

Silicon Wadi

Israeli software role in espionage and counter espionagedevelopedevoked comparisons


Rhine Neckar AreaRhein-NeckarRhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region
It is known as the largest technology cluster in Europe, also labeled IT-Cluster Rhine-Main-Neckar.

Silicon Forest

high-tech regions
* List of places with "Silicon" names


Tsinghua Science ParkZhongguancun Science ParkTsinghua University Science Park

Silicon Slopes

Silicon Slopes is one of a growing number of technology communities (List of places with "Silicon" names) and technology centers (List of technology centers) gaining status from their relationship to or similarity with Silicon Valley, California.

Dalian Software Park

Dalian Tiandi Software ParkIT and Business Process Outsourcing Capital of ChinaPreferential policies

Research-intensive cluster

research-intensiveResearch-intensive clusters research-intensive
Closely related concepts include research associations (in general), research parks, technology clusters, and economic clusters.

Silicon Glen

* List of places with 'Silicon' names

Brazilian Silicon Valley

centered around UnicampValley of the software
* Brazilian Silicon Valley: Campinas, Brazil
* List of places with 'Silicon' names


Berlin, GermanyState of BerlinGerman capital
One of Europe's successful research, business and technology clusters is based at WISTA in Berlin-Adlershof, with more than 1,000 affiliated firms, university departments and scientific institutions.