List of viceroys of Naples

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This is a list of viceroys of the Kingdom of Naples.wikipedia
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Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba

Gonzalo de CórdobaCórdobaGran Capitán
He also negotiated the final surrender of Granada and later served as Viceroy of Naples.


Commonly staying far from Naples, these rulers governed the Kingdom through a series of viceroys.
List of Spanish Viceroys of Naples

Ramón de Cardona

Ramón (Raimondo) de Cardona
Ramon Folc de Cardona i Anglesola (Italian: Raimondo di Cardona) (1467 – 10 March 1522) was a Spanish general and politician, who served as the viceroy of Naples during the Italian Wars and commanded the Spanish forces in Italy during the War of the League of Cambrai.

Pedro Álvarez de Toledo, Marquis of Villafranca

Pedro de ToledoDon Pedro de ToledoPedro Álvarez de Toledo
The first effective Spanish viceroy of Naples, in 1532–1552, he was responsible for considerable social, economic and urban change in the city and southern Italian kingdom, in general.

Juan de Aragón y de Jonqueras, 2nd count of Ribagorza

JohnJuan de Aragón y de Jonqueras
Juan de Aragón y de Jonqueras, 2nd Count of Ribagorza, (27 March 1457 in Benabarre, Spain – 5 July 1528 in Monzón, Spain) was a Viceroy of Naples (1507–1509), replacing Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba.

Hugo of Moncada

Hug de MontcadaHugo de MoncadaUgo de Moncada
He served as General of Ocean and Land, Viceroy of Sicily, 1509–1517, Viceroy of Naples, 1527 - 1528.

Pedro Pacheco de Villena

Pedro Ladron de Guevara
Pedro Pacheco de Villena (29 June 1488, La Puebla de Montalban, near Toledo – 5 March 1560, Rome) also known as Pedro Pacheco Ladrón de Guevara, was a Spanish cardinal and viceroy of Naples.

Pedro Afán de Ribera

Pedro Afán de Ribera, Duque de Alcalá
Pedro Afán de Ribera, 1st Duke of Alcalá de los Gazules, Virrey y Capitán General de Cataluña y Nápoles (died 1571), also known as Pedro Enriquez Afan de Ribera or Per Afán de Ribera y Portocarrero or Perafán de Ribera y Portocarrero, was a Spanish nobleman most notable for his twelve-year-long service as Viceroy of Naples, Viceroy of Cataluña and 1st Duke of Alcalá de los Gazules.

Fernando Ruiz de Castro Andrade y Portugal

Fernando Ruiz de Castro
Fernando Ruiz de Castro Andrade y Portugal (14 December 1548 - 20 September 1601) was a Galician (Spanish) nobleman who was Viceroy of Naples from 1599 to 1601.

Pedro Fernández de Castro, Count of Lemos

Conde de LemosCount de LemosCount of Lemos
Pedro Fernández de Castro y Andrade (1576–1622), better known as the Great Count of Lemos, was a Galician (Spanish) nobleman who was viceroy of Naples from 1608, and was also president of the Council of the Indies.

Pedro Téllez-Girón, 3rd Duke of Osuna

Duke of OsunaPedro Giron, Duke of OsunaPedro Téllez-Girón
He was the 2nd Marquis of Peñafiel, 7th Count of Ureña, Spanish Viceroy of Sicily (1611–1616), Viceroy of Naples (1616–1620), a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece since 1608, Grandee of Spain, member of the Spanish Supreme Council of War, and the subject of several poems by his friend, counselor and assistant, Francisco de Quevedo.

Pedro Téllez-Girón, 1st Duke of Osuna

Pedro Téllez-GirónPedro Girón de la Cueva, 1st Duke of OsunaDuke of Osuna
In 1582, he was appointed Viceroy of Naples, a position he held until 1586.

Gaspar de Borja y Velasco

Cardinal Borja
He belonged to the house of Borgia (though he always used the Spanish spelling of Borja) and served as Primate of Spain, Archbishop of Seville, Archbishop of Toledo and viceroy of Naples.

Manuel de Acevedo y Zúñiga

Emanuele Zunica e Fonseca
Manuel de Acevedo y Zúñiga (died 1637) was Viceroy of Naples from 14 May 1631 - 12 November 1637.

Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba

Duke of AlbaDuke of Alvathe Duke of Alba
Alba was sent to Italy as commander in chief of the Spanish-Habsburg army in Italy, and became governor of Milan in 1555, and viceroy of Naples in 1556.

Antonio Zapata y Cisneros

He served as bishop of Cádiz and Pamplona, archbishop of Burgos, cardinal, councillor of state for Philip III, Viceroy of Naples, and Inquisitor General of the realm.

Pascual de Aragón

PascualPascual Cardinal de AragonPascual II de Aragon
He served as Viceroy of Naples and as Archbishop of Toledo.


Revolt of Masanielloheroits hero
To support the war effort, the Iberian Crown imposed a heavy tax burden on the Viceroy of Naples in order to restore the coffers of its vast empire, whose Golden Age was inevitably coming to an end.

Gaspar Méndez de Haro, 7th Marquis of Carpio

Gaspar de Harodon Gaspar Mendez de Haroy GuzmanGaspar
Gaspar Méndez de Haro, 7th Marquis of Carpio or Gaspar Méndez de Haro y Fernández de Córdoba, (1629 – 16 November 1687), 3 times a Grandee of Spain including the Carpio Marquisate since 10 May 1640 by king Philip IV of Spain, Governor of Flanders, Ambassador in Rome, 1677–1682, Viceroy of Naples, 1683 - died in office there in 1687, 2nd Duke of Montoro since November 1661, and many other high nobility titles, was a Spanish political figure and art collector.

Ramiro Núñez de Guzmán

the Viceroy Duke of Medina
He served as viceroy of Naples 1637-44 under King Philip IV of Spain.

Francisco de Benavides

Francisco de Benavides y Dávila
Francisco IV de Benavides y Dávila, (1 November 1640, Madrid – 1716), Viceroy of Sicily, 1678–1687, Viceroy of Naples, 1687–1696, 9th Count of Santisteban del Puerto since March 1666, was the second son of Diego de Benavides, 8th Count of Santisteban (1607–1666).

Juan Alonso Pimentel de Herrera

Juan Alonso Pimentel de Herrera (died 7 November 1621, in Benavente, Spain) was a Knight of the Order of Santiago, Grandee of Spain, 5th Duke of Benavente at the death without issue of the 4th Duke, as he was the second son of the 3rd Duke, 8th Count of Mayorga, 3rd Count of Villalón, President of the Council of Italy, 15th Viceroy of Valencia, 25th Viceroy of Naples.

Iñigo López de Mendoza y Mendoza

Iñigo López de Mendoza, 3rd Marquis of MondejarMarquis of MondéjarÍñigo Lopez de Hurtado de Mendoza
He led the Spanish troops during the early stages of the Morisco Revolt together with Luis Fajardo, 2nd Marquis of los Vélez, before being replaced in 1570 by Juan de Austria, After the suppression of the rebellion, he became viceroy of Valencia in 1572, and Viceroy of Naples in 1575.