List of women's magazines

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This is a list of women's magazines from around the world.wikipedia
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The Australian Women's Weekly

Women's WeeklyAustralian Women's WeeklyAustralian Women's Weekly NZ Edition
The Australian Women's Weekly
The Australian Women's Weekly, sometimes known as simply The Weekly, is an Australian monthly women's magazine published by Bauer Media Group in Sydney.

Brigitte (magazine)

BrigitteBrigitte juniorBrigitte magazine
Brigitte (Germany)
Brigitte is the largest women's magazine of Germany, with a circulation of around 800,000 and an estimated readership of 3,6 million.

Cosmopolitan (magazine)

CosmopolitanCosmopolitan MagazineCosmo
Cosmopolitan (US-based)
Cosmopolitan is an international fashion magazine for women that was formerly titled The Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan magazine is one of the best-selling magazines and is directed mainly toward women readers.

Bustle (magazine)

Bustle BustleBustle Magazine
Bustle (US)
Bustle is an online American women's magazine founded in August 2013 by Bryan Goldberg.

Alt for Damerne

Alt for Damerne (Denmark)
ALT for Damerne (meaning All for the Ladies in English) is a Danish language weekly women's magazine published in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Costume (magazine)

Costume (Finland)
Costume is a Finnish language monthly women's and fashion magazine published in Helsinki, Finland.

Femmes d’Aujourd’hui

Femmes d'Aujourd'hui
Femmes d’Aujourd’hui (Belgium)
Femmes d’Aujourd’hui (meaning Women of Today in English) is a French language weekly women's magazine published in Mechelen, Belgium.

Glamour (magazine)

GlamourGlamour MagazineGlamour'' magazine
Glamour (US)
Glamour is a women's magazine published by Condé Nast Publications.


Avantages (France)
Avantages is a French-language monthly women's magazine published in Paris, France.


Grazia MagazineGrazia AustraliaGrazia Italia
Grazia (Italian-based)
Grazia (Italian for Grace) is a weekly women's magazine that originated in Italy with international editions printed in Albania, Australia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, France, Germany.

Femina (Denmark)

Femina DenmarkFemina'' (Denmark)
Femina (Denmark)
Femina is a Danish language weekly magazine for women published by Aller Media in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hia (magazine)

HiaHia MagazineHia'' (magazine)
Hia (Saudi Arabia)
Hia is an Arabic monthly women's magazine.

Gloria (magazine)

GloriaGloria'' (magazine)
Gloria (Croatia)
Gloria is a Croatian language weekly women's magazine published in Zagreb, Croatia.

Claudia (magazine)

ClaudiaClaudia'' (magazine)
Claudia (Brazil)
Claudia is a Polish language monthly women's magazine published in Warsaw, Poland.


Kotiliesi (Finland)
Kotiliesi (meaning Fireside in English) is a Finnish language bimonthly family and women's magazine published in Helsinki, Finland.

Ladies' Home Journal

Ladies Home JournalLadies’ Home JournalThe Ladies' Home Journal
Ladies' Home Journal (US)
It was first published on February 16, 1883, and eventually became one of the leading women's magazines of the 20th century in the United States.

The Lady (magazine)

The LadyThe Lady'' (magazine)The Lady Magazine
The Lady (UK)
The Lady is one of Britain's longest-running weekly women's magazine.

Damernas Värld

Damernas Värld (Sweden)
Damernas Värld (meaning Women's World in English) is a Swedish language monthly fashion and women's magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hennes (magazine)

Hennes (Sweden)
Hennes was a women's magazine published in Sweden.

Croissant (magazine)

Croissant (Japan)
Croissant is a biweekly Japanese women's magazine for middle-aged women.

Femina (Indonesia)

FeminaFemina'' (Indonesia)Femina Group
Femina (Indonesia)
Femina is an Indonesian weekly women's magazine founded in 1972.

Kvinner og Klær

Kvinner og Klær (Norway)
Kvinner og Klær (KK, Women & Clothes), is a Norwegian weekly women's magazine published in Oslo, Norway.

Ettelaat-e Banuvan

Ettelaat-e Banuvan (Iran)
Ettelā'āt-e Bānuvān or Banovan was the first women's magazine published in Tehran.

Nesf El Donya

Nesf El Donya (Egypt)
Nesf El Donya (in Arabic نصف الدنيا), also known as Nesf El Donia, (meaning Half of the World in English) is an Arabic weekly women's and political magazine published in Egypt.

New Zealand Woman's Weekly

New Zealand Woman’s WeeklyNew Zealand Women's Weekly
New Zealand Woman's Weekly
The New Zealand Woman's Weekly is a weekly New Zealand women's magazine published by Bauer Media.