Liverpool College

Commercial Collegeits collegeShaw Street College
Liverpool College is a mixed all-through school located in Mossley Hill, a suburb of Liverpool, England.wikipedia
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Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference

HMCHeadmasters' ConferenceThe Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference
It was one of the thirteen founding members of the Headmasters' Conference (as it then was).
Fourteen accepted the invitation, and twelve were present for the whole of the initial meeting: Thring himself, George Blore (Bromsgrove), Albert Wratislaw (Bury St Edmunds), John Mitchinson (The King's School, Canterbury), William Grignon (Felsted), Robert Sanderson (Lancing College), George Butler (Liverpool College), Augustus Jessopp (Norwich School), William Wood (Oakham), Steuart Pears (Repton), T. H. Stokoe (Richmond), Daniel Harper (Sherborne), and James Welldon (Tonbridge).

Huyton College

Liverpool College for GirlsLiverpool College, Huyton
The Liverpool College for Girls, Huyton, or Huyton College as it was popularly known, was started in 1894 and intended to be parallel to the Boys Upper School.
Huyton College was an independent day and boarding school for girls founded in England in 1894 as the sister school to Liverpool College with which it merged on 27 July 1993, a few months short of its 100th birthday.

Liverpool Collegiate School

Liverpool Collegiate InstitutionLiverpool CollegiateLiverpool Collegiate Grammar School
All ties with the Original building were severed in 1907 when it was sold to the Liverpool Corporation, and the masters and boys of the Middle and Lower schools remained to form the Liverpool Collegiate School.
The Upper School became Liverpool College and relocated to Lodge Lane in 1884, whilst the Middle and Lower (or Commercial) Schools occupied the original site and would combine to form the Liverpool Collegiate School in 1908.

Mossley Hill

Penny LaneSpire Hospital
Liverpool College is a mixed all-through school located in Mossley Hill, a suburb of Liverpool, England.
Liverpool College (which was until 2013 a fee-paying independent school) is also located within the area, and Liverpool's only grammar school the Liverpool Blue Coat School is also nearby.

David Hunt, Baron Hunt of Wirral

David HuntLord Hunt of WirralLord Hunt
The Old Lerpoolian Society is currently presided over by the Rt Hon the Lord Hunt of Wirral.
Hunt was educated at Liverpool College, an independent school for boys (now co-educational), in Liverpool, at the time in Lancashire (and now in Merseyside), followed by the University of Bristol, where he studied Law.

Walter G. R. Hinchliffe

HinchliffeW.G.R. HinchcliffeWalter George Raymond Hinchliffe
He was educated at Liverpool College, where he was a member of the Officer Training Corps, then attended medical school, training as a dentist.

Noel Godfrey Chavasse

Noel ChavasseCaptain Noel ChavasseNoel
Chavasse was educated at Magdalen College School in Cowley Place, Oxford, where a blue plaque was dedicated to him in 2005, Liverpool College and Trinity College, Oxford.

Ronald Stuart

Ronald Niel StuartHMS ''PargustHMS ''Tamarisk
He was initially educated at Shaw Street College, but following his father's death was forced to leave and take a job as a clerk in an office.

Harold Bird-Wilson

Bird-Wilson, Harold Arthur CooperHarold A C Bird-WilsonHarold Arthur Cooper Bird-Wilson
He later went to Liverpool College.


Liverpool, EnglandLiverpudlianCity of Liverpool
Liverpool College is a mixed all-through school located in Mossley Hill, a suburb of Liverpool, England.
Other notable schools include Liverpool College founded in 1840 Merchant Taylors' School founded in 1620.

Alfred Stowell Jones

Alfred JonesHis son
He was educated at Liverpool College and Sandhurst and entered the 9th Lancers in 1852.

Francis Taylor, 1st Baron Maenan

William Francis Kyffin TaylorWilliam Kyffin-Taylor, 1st Baron MaenanBaron Maenan
He was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, educated at Liverpool College (of which he became Vice-President in 1927 ) and later attended Exeter College, Oxford, where he graduated as BA in 1877.

Edward Russell, 2nd Baron Russell of Liverpool

Lord Russell of LiverpoolEdward Frederick Langley Russell, 2nd Baron Russell of LiverpoolLord and Lady Russell of Liverpool
He was educated at Liverpool College and St John's College, Cambridge (1913-1914).

List of state boarding schools in England

state boarding schoolsstate boarding schoola boarding school
The school has become, therefore, one of the few state boarding schools in England.

Derek Mills-Roberts

Lt-Colonel Mills-Roberts
During the 1930s, he trained to become a lawyer at Liverpool College and the University of Oxford.

Brian Leveson

Lord Justice LevesonSir Brian LevesonLord Leveson
He was educated at Liverpool College, a public school in Mossley Hill, Liverpool.

Andrew Edis

Sir Andrew EdisEdisEdis J
Edis studied at Liverpool College and University College, Oxford.

John Rigby (politician)

Sir John RigbyJohn RigbyLord Justice Rigby
He attended Liverpool College before going to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1853.

John Stopford, Baron Stopford of Fallowfield

John Sebastian Bach StopfordJohn Sebastian Bach Stopford, Baron Stopford of FallowfieldJohn Stopford
He was educated at Liverpool College and Manchester Grammar School.

John Mungo-Park

Mungo-Park, John Colin
John Mungo-Park was educated as a boarder at Liverpool College, where he was a successful athlete and sportsman.

William Pickford, 1st Baron Sterndale

The Lord SterndaleBaron SterndaleSir William Pickford
He was educated at Liverpool College and went to Exeter College, Oxford in 1867.

Richard Brook (bishop)

Richard BrookRt. Rev. Richard Brook
He was a Fellow and Tutor at Merton College from 1906 to 1919 then Headmaster of Liverpool College until 1928.

David Saunders-Davies

Educated at Liverpool College and Queens' College, Cambridge, he held Curacies at St John, Birkenhead and St John, Reading and incumbencies at Hollingworth and Mobberley before wartime service with the RAFVR.

Sir Thomas Royden, 1st Baronet

Thomas RoydenSir Thomas Bland Royden, 1st BaronetAlderman Sir Thomas Bland Royden Bart.
He was educated at Liverpool College and became head of Thomas Royden & Sons, shipowners.