Los Infernales

Los Nuevo InfernalesLos Nuevos InfernalesInfernalLos Pequeño Infernales
Los Infernales (Spanish for "the Infernals") is a Mexican professional wrestling group, called a stable.wikipedia
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Kerberosthree-headed dogCerberos
On November 19, 2009 CMLL unveiled a new group called Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Spanish for "the Infernal Cerberos") which both Virus and Euforia are members off.

Mexican National Tag Team Championship

1 timeMexican National Tag Team ChampionMexican National Tag Team Champions
On March 20, 1987 MS-1 and Masakre teamed up to defeat Los Hermanos Dinamita (Cien Caras and Máscara Año 2000) to win the Mexican National Tag Team Championship, starting a feud with Los Hermanos Dinamita.

List of CMLL tag team tournaments

Copa de Arena MexicoSalvador Lutteroth Trios TournamentCopa de Oro
The tournament was won by "Los Guerreros del Infierno" (El Satánico, Rey Bucanero and Último Guerrero), a team name that Bucanero and Guerrero would later use when they split from El Satánico to form their own faction.

Torneo Gran Alternativa (April 1999)

April 1999Torneo Gran Alternativa
In the first round two members of Los Nuevo Infernales fought each other as Rey Bucanero (teaming with Fuerza Guerrera) lost to Último Guerrero (teaming with Blue Panther).

Infierno en el Ring

In addition the winning side would earn the rights to the name Los Infernales as well.

Emilio Charles Jr.

Emilio Charles, Jr.
The group was created in the same vein as Los Infernales, a trio of Rudos (bad guys) who worked well together and could produce top quality matches with a variety of opponents.

Los Hijos del Infierno

Los Hijos del AvernoLa Trada del TerrorLa Triada del Terror
The characters of Averno and Mephisto were originally created to team up with El Satánico to form the team Los Nuevo Infernales ("The New Infernals") in 1999, discarding their previous ring identities of Rencor Latino and Astro Rey, Jr. respectively.

Valiente (wrestler)

ValienteEl Valiente
Valiente also earned a spot at that year's Anniversary show, teaming with Métalico and Stuka, Jr. to defeat Los Infernales (Euforia and Nosferatu) and Loco Max, with Valiente making the winning pin on Euforia.

Nosferatu (wrestler)

As Nosferatu he joined Los Infernales ("The Infernals") a team led by veteran rudo El Satánico who served both as a mentor and a trainer to the team members.

Universo 2000

Universo Dos Mil
Los Hermanos Dinamita held the trios championship until July 1993, when Los Infernales (El Satánico, Pirata Morgan and MS-1) defeated them.

Stuka Jr.

Stuka, Jr.
On September 28, 2007, Stuka Jr. teamed up with Metalico and Valiente to defeat Los Infernales (Euforia and Nosferatu) and Loco Max on the undercard of the CMLL 75th Anniversary Show.

Piratita Morgan

BattalionPayasito Rojo
Piratita Morgan, MS-1/2, and Espectrito (collectively known as Los Pequeño Infernales) lost to the team of Mascarita Sagrada, Pequeño Cobarde, and Aguilita Solitaria in a six-man tag team match.

Fuego (wrestler)

FuegoFlashFlash (wrestler)
The first three rounds of the tournament took place on June 22, 2008 and saw Stucka, Jr. and Flash defeated Astro Boy and Molotov in the first round, the Los Guerreros Tuareg team of Nitro and Skandalo in the quarter final and Bronco and Diamante Negro in the semi final The team faced and defeated Los Infernales (Nosferatu and Euforia) in the final on June 28, 2008 to win the Arena Colise Tag Team Championship.

Ángel Azteca Jr.

Ángel Azteca, Jr.
In the third round the team lost to Los Infernales (Nosteratu and Euforia).


MetalicoMétalicoTigre Metálico
The Metallic themed tag team defeated Los Hombres del Camoflaje (Artillero and Súper Comando) but lost to Los Infernales (Euforia and Nosferatu) in the quarter final round.

Fishman (wrestler)

FishmanFismanJosé Nájera
The trio defeated Dos Caras, El Canek and Enrique Vera in the first round, Los Villanos (Villano I, Villano III and Villano V) in the semi-finals and then finally defeated Los Infernales (El Satánico, MS-1 and Pirata Morgan) to win the whole tournament.

Juicio Final (1991)

Juicio Final1991
The other six man tag team match saw three of CMLL's top tecnicos in Atlantis, Dos Caras and Konnan, defeat one of CMLL's top rudo trios Los Infernales (El Satánico, MS-1 and Pirata Morgan).

Infierno en el Ring (2009)

Infierno en el Ring2009
In the opening match CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Champions Flash and Stuka Jr. would team up with Metálico to take on Los Infernales ("The Infernal Ones"; Virus and Euforia) and Skandalo.

CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Championship

CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team ChampionsArena Coliseo Tag Team ChampionshipArena Coliseo Tag Team Champions
The preliminary rounds were held on June 22, 2008 and saw the teams of Stuka Jr. and Flash (Collectively known as Los Bombadieros; "The Bombardiers") and Los Infernales ("The Infernal Ones"; Euforia and Nosferatu) each win three matches to qualify for the final.

Sin Piedad (2001)

Sin Piedad2001CMLL Sin Piedad 2001
In the second match the makeshift tecnico trio of Olímpico, Safari and Mr. Niebla teamed up to take on the latest incarnation of Los Infernales, led by captain and leader El Satánico, joining forces with Averno and Mephisto for the match.

Los Rayos Tapatío

Los Rayos TapatioRayo Tapatío IRayo Tapatío II
in 2008 Los Rayos Tapatío entered a tournament where the winning team would get a chance to challenge for the CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Championship, but the experienced team lost to Los Infernales (Euforia and Nosferatu) in the opening round.

Torneo Gran Alternativa (November 1996)

November 1996Torneo Gran AlternativaNovember
In 1999 he became part of El Satánico's reformed Los Infernales group alongside Último Guerrero.

CMLL World Tag Team Championship

CMLL World Tag Team ChampionCMLL World Tag Team ChampionsWorld Tag Team Championship
The finals of the tournament was set to be Los Infernales ("The Infernal Ones"; Rey Bucanero and Último Guerrero) against the team of Emilio Charles Jr. and Mr. Niebla but Emilio Charles Jr. had suffered an injury before the show began.

Chamaco Valaguez

Platino (wrestler)Platino I
but in 2007 he changed his ring character to the enmascarado Nosferatu and is now a part of Los Infernales.