Los Infernales

Los Nuevo InfernalesLos Nuevos InfernalesInfernalLos Pequeño Infernales
Los Infernales (Spanish for "the Infernals") is a Mexican professional wrestling group, called a stable.wikipedia
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EMLL 54th Anniversary Show

54th Anniversaryprevious year's anniversary show
In the first match of the night Los Infernales, one of the most successful Trios of the time, represented by MS-1 and El Satánico, defeating the team of Kung Fu and Ray Mendoza, who is the father of the five Villanos, I, II, III, IV and V.

EMLL 51st Anniversary Show

51st Anniversary
In the semi-main event of the night, Sangre Chicana faced and defeated Los Infernales team member MS-1 in a hair vs. hair, Lucha de Apuestas match, forcing MS-1 to be shaved bald as a result.

EMLL 56th Anniversary Show

56th Anniversary
The main event match was a continuation of a storyline feud between El Satánico and MS-1 that started with the break-up of Los Infernales ("The Infernals"), a group both of them belonged to.

EMLL 53rd Anniversary Show

53rd Anniversary
Los Brazos was only the second team to hold the championship, having defeated the inaugural champions Los Infernales("The Infernals"; MS-1, Pirata Morgan and El Satánico) nine months prior.

Sin Piedad (2000)

Sin Piedad2000
On the opposite side El Satánico, continued his feud with Los Guerreros after they turned on Satánico and Los Infernales, teamed up with the clear cut tecnicos of Atlantis and Mr. Niebla.

Homenaje a Salvador Lutteroth (1998)

Homenaje a Salvador Lutteroth1998
Satánico would go on to recreate Los Infernales and focus on tag team and trios work while Emilio Charles Jr. moved on to other storylines.