Lotte Lehmann in Beethoven's Fidelio
The Trapp Family in January 1946. Photograph by Conrad Poirier.
On the cover of Time magazine February 18, 1935
The Trapp Family rehearsing before a concert, near Boston, 27 September 1941.
Cor Unum (later the "Trapp Family Lodge"), home of the Trapp Family Singers in the U.S., in 1954

While singing at their Salzburg home they were also heard by the German concert singer Lotte Lehmann, who persuaded them to take part in the song competition in Salzburg in 1936, for which they won a prize; after this, accompanied by Dr Wasner, the family toured and performed in Vienna and Salzburg, and undertook a European tour that encompassed France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and England.

- Trapp Family

In August 1936, while in Salzburg, she discovered the Trapp Family Singers, later made more famous in the musical The Sound of Music.

- Lotte Lehmann
Lotte Lehmann in Beethoven's Fidelio

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