Hagman, circa 1780s
Louis Gallodier
Portrait by Alexander Roslin, c. 1770
Prince Frederick Adolph of Sweden, lover of Sophie Hagman from 1778 to 1793.
Coronet created for Prince Frederick Adolf and worn at his brother Gustav's coronation in 1772.
Tullgarn Palace, where Sophie Hagman lived with Frederick Adolf from 1778 to 1793.

She was the official royal mistress to Prince Frederick Adolf of Sweden from 1778 to 1793.

- Sophie Hagman

After the death of her father in 1772, she was employed to look after the children to Louis Gallodier, dance master of the Royal Swedish Ballet at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm.

- Sophie Hagman

One of his pupils and dancers where Sophie Hagman.

- Louis Gallodier

He lived from 1778 to 1795, in a happy relationship with the ballet dancer Sophie Hagman, who was well liked at court, and had a daughter, Sophia Frederica, with her.

- Prince Frederick Adolf, Duke of Östergötland
Hagman, circa 1780s

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