Mark II methodMk IIMk II Function Point Analysis
The MK II Method is one of the software sizing methods in functional point group of measurements.wikipedia
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Function point

function pointsFunction point analysisAutomated Function Point

Software sizing

software technical sizing
Adaptations of the original Functional Size Measurement methodology have emerged, and these standards are: COSMIC Function Points, Mk II Function Points, Nesma Function Points, and FiSMA Function Points.

International Organization for Standardization

ISOISO standardInternational Organisation for Standardisation
The MK II Method (ISO/IEC 20968 Software engineering—Mk II Function Point Analysis—Counting Practices Manual ) is one of five currently recognized ISO standards for Functionally sizing software.

Functional requirement

functional requirementsfunctionalfunctional user requirements
The functional user requirements of the software are identified and each one is categorized into one of there types: inputs, exits and objects.

Software development effort estimation

Comparison of development estimation softwareestimationsoftware effort estimation