Madeleine Shaw Lefevre, 1890 portrait
Somerville College Hall
Former workhouse in Nantwich, dating from 1780
The mathematician and scientist Mary Somerville, 1780–1872, after whom the college is named
Somerville College Library with hyacinths
House seen from the Quad
House seen from the east
Park Building
Somerville College Library
View of Hall and Maitland (right) from the quad
Darbishire Quad
Somerville College Chapel with Vaughan on the right
Wolfson building
ROQ East from outside the college
Somerville College in snow
Rowing blade design of Somerville College Boat Club
Somerville College Chapel
Somerville's Position in the Norrington Table since 2006
Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, the current principal

Madeleine Septimia Shaw Lefevre (6 May 1835 – 19 September 1914) was the Principal of Somerville Hall for its first 10 years, from 1879 to 1889.

- Madeleine Shaw Lefevre

Organisation set up in 1858 and existed "to improve moral and spiritual improvement of workhouse inmates" in England and Wales.

- Workhouse Visiting Society

The Countess was a founding member of the Workhouse Visiting Society, and through this connection Shaw Lefevre became a member of the central committee of the Metropolitan Association for Befriending Young Servants.

- Madeleine Shaw Lefevre

Madeleine Shaw-Lefevre was chosen as the first principal because, though not a well-known academic at the time, her background was felt to reflect the college's political stance.

- Somerville College, Oxford
Madeleine Shaw Lefevre, 1890 portrait

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