Maki Ishii

A string quartet performing for the Mozart Year 2006 in Vienna

Japanese composer of contemporary classical music, and brother of composer Kan Ishii.

- Maki Ishii

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Boris Blacher

German composer and librettist.

Blacher, in a passport photo of 1922

His students include Aribert Reimann, Isang Yun, Maki Ishii, Fritz Geißler, Giselher Klebe, Heimo Erbse, Richard Aaker Trythall, Klaus Huber, Francis Burt, Gottfried von Einem, Kalevi Aho and Richard Wernick.

Akira Ifukube

Japanese classical and film music composer, best known for his works on the Godzilla franchise.

Ifukube in 1954
Ifukube in 1956

He trained younger generation composers such as Kaoru Wada, Shigeyuki Imai, Satoshi Imai, Toshiro Mayuzumi, Yasushi Akutagawa, Akio Yashiro, Teizo Matsumura, Sei Ikeno, Minoru Miki, Maki Ishii, and Yssimal Motoji.

Kan Ishii

Kan Ishii (石井 歓) was a Japanese composer, and the brother of composer Maki Ishii.

Tomojirō Ikenouchi

Japanese composer of contemporary classical music and professor.

A string quartet performing for the Mozart Year 2006 in Vienna

His notable students include Isang Yun, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Toshiro Mayuzumi, Maki Ishii, Shin-ichiro Ikebe, Makoto Shinohara, Akira Miyoshi, Akio Yashiro, Roh Ogura, Kōhei Tanaka, Teizo Matsumura, Masato Uchida and Ryohei Hirose.

Zsigmond Szathmáry

Hungarian organist, pianist, composer, and conductor.

Early 20th century postcard

Open to musical experiment and technical innovations, in particular within the field of new music, he has earned a considerable reputation: In close co-operation with composers like Péter Eötvös, Vinko Globokar, Heinz Holliger, György Ligeti, Wolfgang Rihm, Peter Ruzicka, Dieter Schnebel, and Hans Zender, he has to date performed about 120 premières and enthusiastically advocates avant-garde organ music (amongst others: Luciano Berio, John Cage, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, Maki Ishii, Mauricio Kagel, György Kurtág, Giacinto Scelsi).

2003 in Japan

Events in the year 2003 in Japan.

Mori Tower, the centerpiece of Roppongi Hills, opened in April.

April 8: Maki Ishii, composer

Aki Takahashi

Japanese pianist specializing in contemporary classical music.

A string quartet performing for the Mozart Year 2006 in Vienna

She has released numerous recordings and many 20th-century composers, including John Cage, Morton Feldman, Peter Garland, Alvin Lucier, Isang Yun, Joji Yuasa, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Carl Stone, Maki Ishii, and Takehisa Kosugi, have written pieces for her.

Herbert Eimert

German music theorist, musicologist, journalist, music critic, editor, radio producer, and composer.

Jubal, Pythagoras and Philolaus engaged in theoretical investigations, in a woodcut from Franchinus Gaffurius, Theorica musicæ (1492)

This became the most influential studio in the world during the 1950s and 1960s, with composers such as Michael von Biel, Konrad Boehmer, Herbert Brün, Jean-Claude Éloy, Péter Eötvös, Franco Evangelisti, Luc Ferrari, Johannes Fritsch, Rolf Gehlhaar, Karel Goeyvaerts, Hermann Heiss, York Höller, Maki Ishii, David C. Johnson, Mauricio Kagel, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Petr Kotik, Włodzimierz Kotoński, Ernst Krenek, Ladislav Kupkovič, György Ligeti, Mesías Maiguashca, Bo Nilsson, Henri Pousseur, Roger Smalley, Karlheinz Stockhausen (who succeeded Eimert as director), Dimitri Terzakis, Iannis Xenakis, and Bernd Alois Zimmermann working there.

Mayumi Miyata

Japanese player of the shō, a traditional Japanese mouth organ.

She has also premiered works by Tōru Takemitsu, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Maki Ishii, Joji Yuasa, Klaus Huber, Toshio Hosokawa, and Uroš Rojko.

Maki (name)

Very common feminine Japanese given name which can also be used as a surname.

Yamada Tarō (山田太郎), a Japanese placeholder name (male), equivalent to John Smith in English. The equivalent of Jane Smith would be Yamada Hanako (山田花子).

Maki Ishii (眞木, 1936–2003), Japanese male composer