Flag of the Gününa künä, or Puelche people
Chilean Proverb written in Mapuche and Chilean Spanish. The Mapudungun alphabet used here does not reflect an agreed-upon standard. In fact, there are three distinct alphabets currently used to write the Mapuche language.
Stressed monophthongs of Mapudungun, from
Graffiti in Mapudungun meaning "Uprise Meeting".

Language formerly spoken by the Puelche people in the Pampas region of Argentina.

- Puelche language

According to this classification, Mapuche would be considered part of the Andean language family, within the Meridional subgroup which also includes the Kawésgar language, the Puelche language, the Tehuelche language and the Yagán language.

- Mapuche language
Flag of the Gününa künä, or Puelche people

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