St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Dublin
Building of Old Mellifont Abbey where part of the Synod took place.
Group picture of nuns from Convent of the Holy Faith Ireland 1915.

Irish Roman Catholic nun, philanthropist, and founder of the Sisters of the Holy Faith.

- Margaret Aylward

Dublin was formally recognised as a metropolitan province in 1152 by the Synod of Kells.

- Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin

The diocesan system was further reorganised, with the number of metropolitan provinces being increased from two to four, by raising the dioceses of Dublin and Tuam to archdioceses.

- Synod of Kells

The 1800s saw the great work of the new religious congregations, such as the Sisters of Charity under Mary Aikenhead, Catherine McAuley with her House of Mercy in Baggot Street, and Margaret Aylward with the Holy Faith Sisters, Blessed Edmund Rice from Waterford, with O'Connell Schools in Richmond Street and the School in Hannover Street which later moved to Westland Row.

- Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin
St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Dublin

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