Colonial Yanaon
French India
Venkanna Babu Ratham, Yanam
Ferry Road, Yanam
Rajiv Gandhi Bus station complex at Yanam
Draksharamam Road
Children's Park
Sri Potti Sreeramulu Yanam Bridge
Rajiv Gandhi Beach
French Administrator Albert Vollerin, his family and Maire Madimchetty in the 1950s
Organigramme of Yanam Municipality
Map of Yanam Constituency
Ratham, Yanam
Venkanna Babu Temple, Yanam
Mosque, Yanam
Church, Yanam
Statue of Jesus at Yanam

The region was presented to a French General, the Marquess of Bussy, by the king of Vizianagaram as a token of gratitude for Bussy's help in his fight against the rulers of Bobbili.

- Yanam

There is still a street named after Bussy in Yanam.

- Marquis de Bussy-Castelnau

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