Maximum extent of French influence (1741–1754)
Colonial Yanaon
Regional Administrator Office, Yanam
Sri Potti Sri Ramulu Yanam Bridge
French Commissaire and Madimchetty, Mayor of Yanam in 1940s
An old photo of signature of the Treaty of Cession of French Establishments of India dated 28 May 1956. Plenipotentiary Signatories: On behalf of Republic of India, treaty was signed by the Indian Minister for External Affairs, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru (seated in the centre) and On behalf of French Republic, signed by the French Ambassador in India, H. E. Monsieur Stanislas Ostroróg (seated second from the left). Then Chief Commissioner of Pondicherry, Hon'ble Kewal Singh can be seen standing second from the right.

The Yanam region was presented to the Marquis de Bussy, the French General by Vizianagaram King Pusapati Peda Vijaya Rama Raju (1670–1756) as a token of gratitude for the help rendered by him in the fight against the rulers of Bobbili.

- Marquis de Bussy-Castelnau

In December 1753, a paravana of Salabat Jang, Subedar of Deccan conceded to Bussy the circars of Chicacole, Ellore, Rajahmundry and Mustafanagar with an annual revenue Rs.

- Yanaon

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Salabat Jung

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The 3rd son of Nizam-ul-Mulk.

The 3rd son of Nizam-ul-Mulk.

A late 18th century, Bidriware Hookah base at Louvre, provides an insight into the alliance between Salabat Jung and De Bussy.

After Muzaffar Jung (his nephew) was killed by the Afghans on 13 February 1751, Mir Sa'id Muhammad Khan was proclaimed as the new Nizam near Lakkireddipalli Pass, by the French under De Bussy with the title Asaf-ad-Daulah, Nawab Said Muhammad Khan Bahadur, Salabat Jung, Zafar Jung, Nawab Subahdar of the Deccan.

In March 1751, Salabat Jung gave the French the villages of Nizampatnam and Alamanava in the Krishna district, Kondavid, Narsapur in the Godavary district, together with Yanaon and Mahfuzbandar.


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Town located in the Yanam district in Puducherry.

Town located in the Yanam district in Puducherry.

Colonial Yanaon
French India
Venkanna Babu Ratham, Yanam
Ferry Road, Yanam
Rajiv Gandhi Bus station complex at Yanam
Draksharamam Road
Children's Park
Sri Potti Sreeramulu Yanam Bridge
Rajiv Gandhi Beach
French Administrator Albert Vollerin, his family and Maire Madimchetty in the 1950s
Organigramme of Yanam Municipality
Map of Yanam Constituency
Ratham, Yanam
Venkanna Babu Temple, Yanam
Mosque, Yanam
Church, Yanam
Statue of Jesus at Yanam

There is a rumour that the region was presented to the French General, the Marquess of Bussy, by the king of Vizianagaram as a token of gratitude for Bussy's help in his fight against the rulers of Bobbili.

Pondicherry and the settlements of Karikal, Mahé and Yanaon became a Union Territory with effect from 7 January 1963 by the 14th amendment to the Indian Constitution, which was notified in The Gazette of India on 29 December 1962.