Matteo Villani

Matteo Villani (1283-1363) was an Italian historian.wikipedia
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Giovanni Villani

VillaniGiovanniVillani, Giovanni
Born in Florence, Villani was the brother of the historian Giovanni.
Villani and his brother Matteo transferred most of their economic activities to the Buonaccorsi firm by 1322.

Filippo Villani

FilippoFilippo VilaniVillani
His work was briefly continued by his son Filippo.
Son of the chronicler Matteo Villani, he extended the original Nuova Cronica of his uncle Giovanni Villani down to 1364.


FlorentineFlorence, ItalyFirenze
Born in Florence, Villani was the brother of the historian Giovanni.


Naples, ItalyNapoliNeapolitan
He worked for a company called Buonaccorsi, of which he was the representative in Naples.

Nuova Cronica

CronicaNew Chronicles
After the death of his brother, he continued his work writing eleven books of the Nuova Cronica.

Hungarian nobility

Hungarian nobleHungarian noblemannobility
These "baronies", as Matteo Villani recorded it around 1350, were "neither hereditary nor lifelong", but Charles rarely dismissed his most trusted barons.

Louis I of Hungary

Louis ILouis the GreatLouis I the Great
According to the contemporaneous historian Matteo Villani, Louis attempted to "leave the kingdom without losing face" after he had run out of money and experienced the resistance of the local population.

Giammaria Mazzucchelli

MazzucchelliG. M. Mazzucchelli
He began with numerous scholarly and accurate biographies of ancient and more modern authors, e.g., Archimedes, Pietro Aretino, Lodovico Adimari, Alamanni Luigi, Matteo and Filippo Villani ).