Gorky in 1926 at Posillipo
First edition cover (1927)
"Ex Libris Maxim Gorki" bookplate from his personal library depicts the unchained Prometheus rising from pages of a book, crushing a multi-tailed whip and shooing away black crows. Saint Basil's Cathedral portrayed in the background
Anton Chekhov and Gorky. 1900, Yalta
Leo Tolstoy with Gorky in Yasnaya Polyana, 1900
Between 1909–1911 Gorky lived on the island of Capri in the burgundy-coloured "Villa Behring".
Avel Enukidze, Joseph Stalin and Maxim Gorky celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sportintern. Red Square, Moscow USSR. August 1931
On his definitive return to the Soviet Union in 1932, Maxim Gorky received the Ryabushinsky Mansion, designed in 1900 by Fyodor Schechtel for the Ryabushinsky family. The mansion today houses a museum about Gorky.
Gorky' s article "On the issue of ''Demons"
Grave of Maxim Gorky in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis
Portrait of Maxim Gorky by Mikhail Nesterov (1901)
1930s portrait
Gorky memorial plaque on Glinka street in Smolensk
Silver commemorative coin, 2 rubles "Maxim Gorky", 2018
Postage stamp USSR, 1932
Postage stamp USSR, 1932
Postage stamp, the USSR, 1943
Postage stamp, the USSR, 1943
Postage stamp, the USSR, "10 years since the death of M. Gorky" (1946, 30 kopeeks)
Postage stamp, the USSR, "10 years since the death of M. Gorky" (1946, 60 kopeeks)
Postage stamp, GDR, 1953
Postage stamp, the USSR, 1956
Postage stamp, the USSR, 1958
Postage stamp, the USSR, 1959
Postage stamp, the USSR, 1968
Postage stamp, Russia, "Rusiia. XX век. Culture" (2000, 1,30 rubles)

The Life of Klim Samgin (Жизнь Клима Самгина) is a four-volume novel written by Maxim Gorky from 1925 up to his death in 1936.

- The Life of Klim Samgin

The Artamonov Business (Дело Артамоновых; also translated as The Artamonovs or Decadence) is a novel by Maxim Gorky written during his 10-year emigration from Soviet Russia.

- The Artamonov Business

Three of Them (Russian Трое "Three") is a 1901 novel by Maksim Gorky.

- Three of Them

Critics often call it Gorky's best novel, or best after The Life of Klim Samgin.

- The Artamonov Business

However, there have been warmer judgements of some less-known post-revolutionary works such as the novels The Artamonov Business (1925) and The Life of Klim Samgin (1925–1936); the latter is considered Gorky's masterpiece and has sometimes been viewed by critics as a modernist work.

- Maxim Gorky

Three of Them (Трое, 1900). Also translated as Three Men and The Three

- Maxim Gorky
Gorky in 1926 at Posillipo

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