How a shot tower works
Entry gates to the Swanston Street concourse and platforms in August 2017
Swanston Street concourse in August 2017

Tower designed for the production of small-diameter shot balls by free fall of molten lead, which is then caught in a water basin.

- Shot tower

The Swanston Street concourse was altered in the early 2000s, when redevelopment works were carried out at the adjacent Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. Inside the ticket barriers there are toilets, and two lifts and five escalators going to the platforms. Outside is a food court, an exit to La Trobe Street and Level LG of the shopping centre (which passes under Little Lonsdale Street). There is also a lift and four escalators to the shopping centre level above. On the next level up (Level G), there is access to Little Lonsdale and La Trobe Streets via the shopping centre. Access to Swanston Street is via three escalators rising another floor (or the lift to Level 1 and a 70m walk), and a walk through the shopping centre past the shot tower.

- Melbourne Central railway station
How a shot tower works

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