Millsaps College

Mausoleum on the campus of Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi, containing the graves of Major Reuben Webster Millsaps and his wife.
Millsaps College campus.

Private liberal arts college in Jackson, Mississippi.

- Millsaps College

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Johnny Carson

American television host, comedian, writer, and producer.

Carson in October 1970
Navy portrait of Carson
Carson as a guest on Jack Benny's television program, 1955
Carson in 1957
With Dick Cavett and Alan King in 1968
Carson in the 1990s
On a trip to Tanzania in 1994
Carson being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George H. W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush in 1992
Carson reading a story to his three sons in 1955: From left: Chris, Cory, and Richard (Ricky)
Carson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Carson joined the United States Navy on June 8, 1943, and received V-12 Navy College Training Program officer training at Columbia University and Millsaps College.

Methodist Episcopal Church, South

The Methodist denomination resulting from the 19th-century split over the issue of slavery in the Methodist Episcopal Church (MEC).

Annual Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, as of 1901

Much smaller and poorer were Randolph-Macon College in Virginia, with its two affiliated fitting-schools and Randolph-Macon Woman's College; Emory College, in Atlanta (as the infusion of Candler family money was far in the future); Emory & Henry, in Southwest Virginia; Wofford, with its two fitting-schools, in South Carolina; Trinity, in North Carolina—soon to be endowed by the Duke family and change its name; Central, in Missouri; Southern, in Alabama; Southwestern, in Texas; Wesleyan, in Kentucky; Millsaps, in Mississippi; Centenary, in Louisiana; Hendrix, in Arkansas; and Pacific, in California.

Jackson, Mississippi

Capital and most populous city of the U.S. State of Mississippi.

The entire Choctaw Nation's location and size compared to the U.S. state of Mississippi
Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States and the city's namesake
"Raising the Stars and Stripes Over the Capitol of the State of Mississippi", engraving from Harper's Weekly, June 20, 1863, after the capture of Jackson by Union forces during the American Civil War
September 1863 map of the Siege of Jackson
Mississippi Old Capitol, downtown Jackson
Map of Jackson in 1919
April 16, 1921 flood on Town Creek, a tributary of the Pearl River in Jackson. The photo is a view of East Capitol Street looking east from North Farish Street.
Standard Life Building, downtown Jackson
Old Greyhound Bus Station
Photograph of Jackson Mississippi taken from the International Space Station
Map of racial distribution in Jackson, 2010 U.S. Census. Each dot is 25 people:
1874 engraving in Scribner's Monthly of the Old Capitol, the seat of Mississippi's legislature from 1839 to 1903.
Jackson State University band "The Sonic Boom"
Millsaps College is one of several institutions in and around Jackson established before 1900.
Mississippi State Capitol
Thalia Mara Hall in Jackson, Mississippi
Lamar Life Building, downtown Jackson.
Veterans Memorial Stadium is the largest stadium facility in Jackson. Its parking lot often is used by employees of the University of Mississippi Medical Center nearby.

Another Federal position is preserved on the campus of Millsaps College.

V-12 Navy College Training Program

Designed to supplement the force of commissioned officers in the United States Navy during World War II.

Robert F. Kennedy (second from left) while completing his V-12 studies at Bates College; in the background is a snow replica of a naval ship.
Alfred J. Eggers served as NASA's Assistant Administrator for Policy from January 1968 through March 1971.

Millsaps College

Cassandra Wilson

American jazz singer, songwriter, and producer from Jackson, Mississippi.

Cassandra Wilson in 2007

Wilson attended Millsaps College and Jackson State University.

Louis H. Wilson Jr.

United States Marine Corps four-star general and a World War II recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Guam.

General Louis H. Wilson Jr.
Wilson in Football Uniform, circa 1930.
Wilson as a captain receives his Medal of Honor
Wilson as a BGen at the 1967 General Officers Symposium (2nd from left, top row)
Wilson with President Jimmy Carter in August 1978.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1941 from Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi, where he participated in football and track.

Charles Betts Galloway

American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, elected in 1886.

He was also instrumental in the formation of Millsaps College.

David Herbert Donald

American historian, best known for his 1995 biography of Abraham Lincoln.

Portrait by Alexander Gardner, November 1863

Majoring in history and sociology, Donald earned his bachelor's degree from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.

Comprehensive examination

Specific type of examination that must be completed by graduate students in some disciplines and courses of study, and also by undergraduate students in some institutions and departments.

Shimer College students taking a comprehensive exam, 1966.

These include Wabash College, Kenyon College, Bethany College, The Catholic University of America, The University of Iowa, Maryville College, Occidental College, Reed College, The University of the South, Eckerd College, Millsaps College, Earlham College, Hanover College, Rosemont College, St. Anselm College, Shimer College, Whitman College, and University of Dallas

Tate Reeves

American politician from Mississippi.

He then graduated from Millsaps College in Jackson with a degree in economics.